Thursday, October 4, 2012

Autumn Apple Butter

Ever since I started dropping the pounds and exercising regularly, I've been in the kitchen baking up a storm! 

Strange but true!

I usually don't like cooking but I don't mind baking... probably because baking yields some pretty good desserts!

Last week I tried my hand at making apple butter in the slow cooker.  Now I've always wondered why it's called "butter" when it's more like a "jam" but anyway, it tasted pretty good.  While surfing the net for a recipe, I stumbled on Sweet and Savory by Sarah's recipe for apple butter in a crock pot. (click the link for the recipe and while you're there, surf her blog, she's got some pretty good recipes up in there!).  I followed her crock pot apple butter recipe almost exactly.  I say almost because I used one and a half of each type of apples I found at the outdoor market to jazz up the flavor.  When the pot still had room for more apples, I just diced up some Lobo apples that I had in a bag in the fridge from before.  My only issue with the recipe is it never tells you when to keep the lid off the pot once you've added the sugar and spices.  I had the first batch cooking for a while when I noticed the steam was causing the juice to build up so I got clued in and removed the lid and then finally it cooked down to a thick apple sauce type of jam (but not a smooth buttery butter).  My second batch came out just as good and slightly lumpy so I was a bit worried and googled up a Martha Stewart video that pretty much told me that was as good as my apple butter was going to get (though her recipe is different the outcome is the same in my opinion and I really enjoyed Sarah's recipe). 

The first sample of the "jam" I had on a piece of toast and it was marvelous.  Eventually I baked a small batch of biscuits.  It's safe to say I'll be making another batch in a few weeks because my jar is almost done!!

Next up is pumpkin butter which I never heard of but since I stumbled on a recipe somewhere I may as well give it a try. (will post the link to the recipe when I blog it's results).

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