Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fright Night Again

I finally forced myself to watch the Fright Night remake that starred Colin Farrell and it wasn't easy to watch quietly either.  Oh no, I wasn't screaming scared, I was annoyed and criticizing the film!  Sad but true!

I always wondered why they would remake that movie.  Wondered why they would put Colin Farrell as the vampire!  At first I thought perhaps with new video technology and animation the film would be amazing, except for the addition of Colin Farrell, but I just refused to pay megabucks in the cinema to see it.  Sure, I went to the cinema to see the original way back in the 80s with my Mom.  Since that day I will forever call Fright Night "Mom's Scary Movie" because she watched most of the movie from behind her hands that were covering her eyes.  *giggles*

While surfing around Youtube I came across the remake in full.  Would you believe that even with the possibility of watching the film for free, I still was reluctant to fork over my time!


But in the end, I gave in to my curiosity and watched it.

The vampire in the 1985 version was sexy, the story was fairly interesting and it also starred Roddy McDowall, remember him from The Cat From Outer Space?  While the Fright Night remake tried to stick to the 1985 version, it sometimes went off in it's own direction.  And since when do vampires become "normal humans" again once the major vampire is killed?  Ok sure that happened in the first one too come to think of it but isn't that theory only for werewolves?   At least Colin Farrell didn't sparkle when the sun hit him like the Twilight vampires, instead he morphed into some real bad CGI vampire that somewhat resembled the one from the Van Helsing movie that Wolverine Hugh Jackman starred in, and turned to dust.

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