Thursday, November 8, 2012

Commercial Changes

There's something that just occurred to me. If memory serves me right, last year when I went into the pharmacy just around Halloween time, they had their Halloween merchandise displayed nicely until a day or so before October 31st when they shoved everything over just a tad and put the Christmas merchandise on display. Sure it was a sight to see both Halloween ghoules and Christmas elves seated on the same shelf with sales tags hanging off them but that's just how stores do things I suppose.

This year however, I noticed that wasn't the case, only Halloween items were displayed. As soon as November 1st arrived, out came the Christmas displays. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's too soon for Christmas displays because some of the best sales take place the minute these items hit the shelves. I'm just glad I wasn't subjected to the horror of seeing both holidays displayed on the same shelf at the same time even if it would only be for a day or two.

So speaking of Christmas merchandise, now is the time I go hunting for cookie tins at the dollar store. This is also the perfect time to buy all the boxes, bags and Christmas wrap because not only is the stock in excess, most of the time it's last years stock stores want to get rid of before the new stuff comes on display. Doesn't make any difference to me, but to them, well, last season may have been all about silver and blue, whereby this season is all about red and white.

Ya, I know, I'm shaking my head at that too.

Anyway, when it concerns the boxes and bags for packaging up the gifts, getting them early is a surefire way to ensure you have something to pack that gift in! Last year I was short two boxes but when I got to the stores to buy them, SOLD OUT. Bags are the best because no matter how big or small the gift is, it'll fit inside the bag easily (in most cases anyway) so I usually go for the middle size bag since I already have a good idea as to what I intend to buy to put in it. AND...not all dollar stores price things the same. Strange but true. Unlike the Dollar Tree in the USA where everything is $1. The Dollarama in Montreal, everything USED TO BE $1, now prices range from $1 - $2 so the bags they know you really want will cost more than $1 for sure! BUT if you go early, say, like the beginning of November, the price is $1. Not sure why that is but could honestly care less because I'm getting the bags we need early!!!

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