Thursday, November 22, 2012

Mrs. Beasley

Remember Mrs. Beasley? 

If you're in your 40s you remember her so stop pretending!!

I used to have a Mrs. Beasley doll when I was a kid.  I loved her!!!  I never called her Mrs. Beasley though, probably because it was to difficult to say.  I called her Mumz. 

Did I mention that I loved her?

I thought she was an awesome doll.  I don't remember if I got her for Christmas or my birthday or for just being the good little girl I was....  what?  I was a good little girl when I wasn't harassing my siblings

Mrs. Beasley had a plastic head and hands but the rest of her was made of soft filled fabric so she was like a squeezable pillow.  Then somewhere along the way I grew out of her.  The last time I recall seeing her she was in the toy box in the bedroom closet.... and I was about thirty something years younger than I am now!! 

How is it that our mothers know exactly when and how to recycle our favorite toys without us ever knowing?  When I think about Mrs. Beasley I have to wonder when she got recycled.  Seriously!  The only way I can pinpoint the timeline as to when I last saw her is by the location of where we lived.  Strange, I know, but when we were at home number one, I put Mrs. Beasley in the toy box in the closet.  When we moved to home number two, she was not in the toy box and neither were a few of my other favorite toys.  Mom was sneaky like that, I give her credit, she knew to recycle my toys when I wasn't paying attention.  That's a smart move, must be a super power that mothers miraculously gain when they have children. 

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