Wednesday, November 14, 2012

POM No More!

The past couple times I've been in a grocery store doing some shopping, I find myself stopping in front of the shelf containing the holiday fruitcakes, similar to the ones in this photograph.  I stand there in front of the shelf staring in disbelief.  People walking up the aisle stare at me probably thinking I look like I'm about to drool over that cake, like I'm falling in cakelove or something like that. 

Highly unlikely though!

Truth be told I'm wondering how I ever ate that store bought stuff!  Seriously!  I know when it came to buying holiday fruitcake I always went with the same brand name.  POM Bakers made, what I considered to be at the time the best fruitcake.  Whenever I went shopping for fruitcake I'd only buy the POM brand and no other.  

Since then I've been corrected.  POM Bakers do NOT make the best fruitcake because I DO!   Yes, that's right, not tooting my own horn or nothing, just stating the facts as I see 'em.  Fruitcake season approacheth and I've already begun purchasing the ingredients.  But seriously, after looking at the cakes like the ones in that photograph there, it's no wonder people dislike fruitcake.  If someone laid a slice of that out for me, I wouldn't want to eat it either!  Even the POM Bakers fruitcake don't look THAT bad.

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