Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Rerun: Ice Skating

We use to love ice skating outdoors in the winter.  Nowadays most folks go to an indoor arena. 

Not the same! 

See me there in my watermellon winter hat and matching scarf ... ya that was a christmas gift from uncle L.  That photo goes back to somewhere in the early 1980s.  My cheeks look like a chipmunk!

Ice skating outdoors in the winter with the cold brisk air on your face.  Bundled up in an ugly hat and warm mittens.  The winter scenery as a backdrop.  Can't get more beautiful than that. 

Mom used to take us when we were wee snot nose brats to the outdoor rink in the local park.  She used to skate with us too until it became too dangerous for her, you know, the falling part, heaven's forbid she put her back out or break a hip.  I skated on my ankles so falling was not an issue!  My brother was like those hockey players!  He wizzed by far enough not to touch you but close enough to make you nervous so you fell down!

Mount royal freezes it's lake in the winter to become a pretty large skating rink.  Not as large as the Ottawa Rideau Canal though.  That there is a photo of Mount Royal in Montreal that I found online.  Pretty backdrop don't you think, with the snow covered trees!  There's a chalet nearby to get warmed up and have some coffee or hot chocolate. 

Once when we were kids, my sister and I went skating, we were making like we were the Rockettes you know, kicking our leg out as we skated along arm in arm.  We ended up on our backs on the ice staring up at the night sky with our arms still linked in one another.  We had no clue when we fell backwards, just lay there confused then cracked up laughing.  That would have made for an awsome funny home video!

*Rerun note: this blog orginally posted December 17, 2010

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