Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Where Are U Christmas?

So the other day while in a conversation with a friend, the topic of blogging came up.  We chuckled at the realization that we'd been blogging for about six or so years! 

Wow how time flies! 

I got my start in blogging over on the Yahoo 360* site which was pretty cool.  I liked the layout of it and it was pretty user friendly until Yahoo decided to let that ship sink a slow death and I abandoned ship but lost all the blogs I did over there.  Shortly thereafter I landed over on Multiply but then they decided to put excessive advertisements on the blogs unless you paid to have them removed.  Of course I like free, so I deleted those blogs and landed here at Blogspot... and fell in love with the old dashboard, this new one not so much.... I have a love hate relationship with it so there's hope yet.  Ha!

Anyway, my friend had asked if I'd be blogging about Christmas being as it was pretty much that time of year and I've always done an all Christmas blog throughout November & December.  She nicely reminded me that we are well into the month of November and I have yet to really blog about Christmas.  Well, I certainly will post some Christmas blogs but the bulk of them will be retro throwback flashback reruns from yesteryear with the occasional newbie added in. I've got some ideas up my sleeve for how I intend this year's Christmas blogging to be done so all should turn out well.   So, there you have it.  I'm sure she'll comment about how happy this will make her *grins & giggles*.

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