Thursday, November 1, 2012

Zombie Activity

The odd thing I noticed about this Halloween is the increase in zombie activity. 


Ok that statement didn't sound right did it? 

What I mean is, the increase in ..... making like a zombie... *shrugs shoulders*  Ok we'll just stick to the first statement then.

I've been around the internet and noticed so many zombie walks or what ever they're being called.  Some even send out a huge tweet or facebook message for a "flash zombie mob".  All in all I think it's pretty cute, with it being Halloween, these zombie mobs around the city every weekend in October are a cute way to get involved with the creepiness.  The participants go all out in perfecting their zombie appearance.  I could only assume they've watched Night Of The Living Dead, Dawn Of The Dead, or Sean Of The Dead??  However, I'm just terribly afraid I'll come across a zombie mob when I least expect it.  I'll even confess that I've been avoiding an area in my neighbourhood because a few of the young folks there have what I refer to as "zombie-love".  I'm sure these kids see me jogging by or stopping to take a photo of the autumn beauty, and that they probably orchestrated a zombie mob to be hiding in the bushes for the unsuspecting fraidycat jogger.  I honestly don't know what my reaction would be if that were to happen, I mean peeing my pants and screaming like a girl are a natural given, but would I be too scared stiff and just stand there frozen in time or would I run like an athlete on steroids, or would I lash out and "fight back to save my brain from being eaten".  I guess it would depend on how much coffee I've consumed.  Too much caffeine would most certainly mean I'd pee my pants then punch the zombie in the head before I run like the wind to save my life.

Seriously...  I'm so paranoid these days it's not funny.  I'm so glad that technically Halloween is over, ok sure there's likely to be at least a couple more parties on Friday & Saturday night but aside from that, is it safe for a chicken me to walk the streets in my neighbourhood again?

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