Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: Revisited

Well, here we are at the end of 2012.  I was hoping to do a "year in review" type of blog today but believe me I can berely remember what I did this morning, let alone all year long so this will be a quick post!  Ha!

I was hoping to have a drama free 2012 but leave it to the people who are closest to you to dump their drama at your door, ring the bell, and run away! 


So here's the year 2012 in quick review:

  • began the year looking forward to a mid spring vacation
  • suffered an allergic reaction while on vacation but enjoyed myself nonetheless
  • shovelled some drama BS off my doorstep because I chose to be drama free
  • enjoyed fellowship at church
  • bar-b-q
  • read more books
  • listened to more ebooks
  • watched less television programs other than news
  • read more news
  • read more magazines
  • relaxed more
  • saved more
  • laughed a whole lot more
  • cried a whole lot less
  • took my health more seriously and lost 20 pounds!
  • shovelled even more drama BS off my doorstep, she really should just give up trying
  • had lots of laughs on facebook even though some probably weren't ment to be jokes HA!
  • reconnected with highschool friends on facebook - that made me really happy!
  • won a contest
  • joined instagram
  • joined tumblr
  • offered encouragement to friends in need
  • prayed more
  • gave thanks more
  • tried not to complain so much over things I have no control over
  • realized life is short so if someone wants to play the fool, I let them play all by themself.
  • the world ended
  • got buried in 46 centimeters of snow a week after the world ended.

The new year will bring new challenges.  I won't call them resolutions but challenges. 

And there you have it!

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