Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Cookie #11 Red Velvet Cookies

Cookie # 11 Red Velvet Cookies

Not to be confused with the Red Velvet Thumbprint cookies I made earlier, that tasted alright but was close to a nightmare to mix the red food colouring in.  These are just Red Velvet cookies plain and simple and fast to make too! Ha!

Once again I shall redirect to the recipe which can be found on the Duncan Hines web site. Click the link and it will direct you straight to the recipe I used. If while there, you can scroll down and read the comments there is another recipe for a different red velvet cookies but I didn't use that one.

These were very easy to make, naturally because it all begins with a box of cake mix! Dumping everything in one bowl and mixing it was not only a breeze but an added bonus!!

They baked up pretty quick and tasted like nothing... that's right, they had no taste to them at all and I didn't have a cold, nor did I eat anything prior to tasting this cookie.  I found it just didn't have any taste to it at all.  My niece test tasted it for me and she agreed, but for some reason my nephew said they were his favorite... hmm... go figure! 

If I make these again I'd add white chocolate chips in these so they wouldn't look so plain and so they'd have a bit of a chocolate taste to them.  Which leaves me to wonder .... if the cookies are tasteless, what does the cake mix made as a cake taste like?  ...

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