Monday, December 24, 2012

Cookie #14 Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

Cookie # 14 Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies

This cookie is pretty simple, and like with most recipes I like, I just vary it up a bit.  That's what I really like about some of the recipes I've discovered, the ability to substitute one thing for another...

First I start with the Nestle Toll House Cookie recipe. Click that link and you will find the recipe.

Now, usually when I make the simple chocolate chip cookies with this recipe I adjust it by adding some cinnamon and cloves to the batter to flavor it up a bit but not for the Mint Chocolate Chip cookies.  I follow the Nestle recipe all the way except that I add mint extract instead of vanilla and when it asks for chocolate chips & nuts, simply replace both item quantities with Andes mint chips (or other broken up mint chocolates like After Eight or Junior Mints.)

You may want to be creative and add some green food colouring before the addition of the chocolate but I've never did that to the batter prior to adding the chocolate it does provide an added festive touch, I just find it extra work to do... sad but true!

These cookies are pretty minty and chocolatey..  Yum!

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