Sunday, December 2, 2012

Cookie #2: Chocolate Chip Oreo Cookies

Day two of Christmas cookie baking.  Actually, I should just say Cookie Number Two because I won't be baking every day. These were baked on Thursday November 29th by the way.  Like I said, I'm just slow to the blogging of it.

Ok, so cookie number two was the Chocolate Chip Oreo cookie.  I got the recipe from Lovin' From The Oven<-Click the link, check out the recipe there so no need to post it here and not because I'm lazy or exhausted from baking or stuffed up from sampling said cookies I baked, but because lets give credit where credit is due, besides, she's got some great recipes over there you may just want to follow her blog too eh!  I put the link to the cookie recipe just to make it easier but still, check out the other recipes she's got going on over there.  Trust me you won't regret the click, she's baking every single day!

Anyway, moving it along... 

I doubled up the recipe because I needed a big batch as I'm baking to fill more cookie tins that I care to count. 

The cookies came out awesome. 


They were better than awesome!! 

They were super-amazing-yummy-mmm-mmm-good!!!!!

The directions were very easy to follow and not rocket science like some of Martha Stewart's recipes (no offence Martha, I still love you!).

And apparently I'm no photographer either, but this is my shot of the cookies just before I ate them.

FYI:  I did extra time walking to burn off the extra calories.

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