Thursday, December 13, 2012

Cookie #5 Grinch Cookies ?

Cookie # 5... I'll just call them Grinch Cookies... because mixing them made me grumpy... ha!

In keeping with the Christmas colours like in that previous post on the Red Velvet Thumbprint cookies, I swapped out the red food colouring for green!

Pretty genius if you ask me! Ha! 


The recipe for this cookie can be found BY CLICKING HERE but just substitute the red food colouring for green, and be sure to have extra green because you'll need it!

As I mentioned in the previous post about the Red Velvet Thumbprint cookie, the recipe is quite easy but mixing in the cocoa evenly throughout the dough took a little doing.  Then adding the green food colouring to the now funky brown cookie dough was definitely an experience.   An experience you may not want to subject yourself to if you are already stressed from holiday preparations.   I used extra green food colouring and the cookies came out nice and green-ish.  Poured the melted white chocolate into the dents and sprinkled green sugar on the melted chocolate before refrigerating.

The cookie, a buttery flavor, nice and tasty but again, nothing worth bragging about and I have no intention of making these for Easter with purple, yellow and pink food colouring as pretty and festive as they may seem because mixing that food colour in is just too much work!

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