Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Muffin Love

Yesterday, I fell in love all over again.... with Tim Hortons' Muffins!

Not only did I have a case of the munchies for something sweet, I was also extremely hungry due to not eating all day (not good, but I filled up on coffee and since coffee can be considered "a meal"...)  Anyway, I took a jump over to the nearest Tim Hortons coffee shop and stared in the display window at the variety of donuts, muffins and other delights.  Not wanting to feel extremely guilty for buying donuts or a piece of cake, I figured a muffin would suffice but making the choice as to which flavor wasn't easy.

I settled on a box of six muffins, figured I can sample all of them being as I'm greedy like that.  I requested the server to provide me with a mix of six rather than buy one of each, I think there were about ten or twelve different flavors but I wasn't ready to splurge on that big a quantity of muffins.  My mind registered a muffin as a dry slice of bread in desperate need of water, so I just took six to satisfy my munchies and share with my husband as well.

The first one I tried was the banana walnut.  Oh my word, I ate that one fresh out of the box without the customary "re-heat" in the microwave.  It was so soft, and flavorful and I think I may have sounded like Meg Ryan, you know from that restaurant scene in When Harry Met Sally.  Never would I have thought that Tim Hortons muffins would be so soft and tasty, not to mention FRESH!  Sorry, no offence Tim Hortons.

A moment ago I had the cranberry oatmeal muffin, but I gave it the 45 second microwave heat-up.  Still, sooooo gooooddd....  I'm hooked, and the box still has the blueberry one, the chocolate chip and the raisin bran one.  Husband also ate one and I don't know what the flavor was because Mister Greedy didn't share!

(note: Photo courtesy of The Guardian)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Angry Birds

I've heard so much about this Angry Birds game but never actually played it.

Until yesterday.

Now I'm hooked. 

You see, I had the game sideloaded onto the blackberry playbook but never played it.  Yesterday, while speaking with a friend and discussing apps on tablets, I showed her the games on the playbook and just for the fun of it, we played Angry Birds.

And I got hooked!!!  Ugh!!!!!!!!!!!

I installed the app on the ipod so I'll have it with me where ever I go because I'm stupid like that it's a cute game.  Those little green pigs get on my nerves when they smile at the end when I don't clear the level. 


Saturday, February 2, 2013

I'm No Cake Boss!

Not to toot my own horn, but I'm pretty good at baking cookies!  Cakes, not so much..... so I've taken to baking more cakes which isn't such a bad thing considering I love sweets, but also taking into consideration my weightloss goals, it can be very challenging.

For new year's day I baked a french vanilla cake with butter cream icing, coconut and chocolate.  I know, sounds Divine doesn't it!

Remember the first time I tried to layer a cake and just plopped one cake atop the next and wondered why they were sliding off each other?... well, it appears that I was supposed to shave the top off the bottom layer to make it flat but you probably already knew that so why didn't anyone bother to tell me? 

Sounded like rocket science to me really but it wasn't.  Was pretty easy actually with the right knife and a little bit of patience, the two cakes fitted pretty well atop one another.

My icing skills still need to be perfected.  Once I baked the two french vanilla layers, shaved the top and stacked them and proceeded to apply the icing, I stood back and frowned.  What a sad creation.  Since I had intended to take this cake to my inlaws for dessert, there was no way I wanted it to look as bad as the icing job made it... so I covered the icing with shredded coconut and shaved some bakers chocolate on top. 

Wow!  I knew watching cake boss would teach me a few things!!

The reviews were positive!  All the kids loved it. 

I still need to work on the icing skills though...

Friday, February 1, 2013

Cross Stitch Birth Announcement

Lately I've been stitching like crazy.  Ok not that much but I do have quite a few projects to get started, or to get completed!

This one over here was one I'd done for my hairdresser's new grandson.  She's a first time Grandma and I wanted to make something special to announce his arrival.  After searching for a nice pattern, I ended up combining two patterns into one: the pattern of the feet which was supposed to include a bunny off to the left but instead I omitted the bunny and stitched in a little boy sucking his thumb, then stitched his birth weight and birthday along with his full name (which I blurred out for this blog).  I completed this one in late December and am currently working on another baby announcement for a coworker. 

Over the Christmas holidays I'd given a few members at church a stitched ornament for their children.  Today in the mail I received a greeting card thanking me for the ornaments and mentioning how lovely they looked on their tree.  This was the third year I'd given them one for their daughters.  It really made my day to receive the card in the mail.  I get great joy knowing the stitching I do brings joy to others.  I guess I could thank my Grandmother for being a crafty lady and making me re-do the very first stitching I ever made her... oh that's a blog all it's own!