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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Just A Magazine

I really enjoy reading a good magazine. Come to think of it, I can get great enjoyment out of reading pretty much any kind of magazine... if the main articles aren't that appealing, the commentaries usually are.

When I was a teenager I was hooked on Vogue magazine.

Oh wait, it gets better.....

I also bought Elle, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, Flare and In Style!  No, I didn't have a year long subscription to all of them, just to Flare because it's a Canadian fashion magazine and therefore cost way less than the American editions which charge more for subscriptions outside of the USA (postage obviously, so I wasn't mad), I just bought them every other month in the shop.  If memory serves me correct, I only endured that phase for about a year or two, no more than that. Afterwards, it was just buy a magazine off the shelf once in a blue moon if I felt like it. Now that I'm ... uh....


domesticated? .....


I find I've fallen back in love with magazines. My tastes in magazines seem to include ones focusing on recipes, homestyle, travel and of course, health, though there was a time between now and the fashionista teen era when I had only subscriptions to craft magazines like Plastic Canvas World, and Just Cross Stitch. Today, still not giving in to the expensive postage and handing costs to ship a magazine to Canada, I've got my subscriptions with Canadian based magazines. Two of my favorite are Chatelaine & Canadian Living.

But oh how I love Good Housekeeping! But buy it off the shelf from time to time only.

I've also begun reading magazines on a digital reader but it really isn't the same as a paper magazine. It takes a bit of getting used to I suppose.  There's no pulling out recipies and shoving them in the recipe box, or pulling out a page with and outfit you want to try to copy.  And the puzzles in some of the magazines.... oh the puzzles!!!! 

Friday, March 29, 2013

It Is Finished

Thursday, March 28, 2013

I Discovered Lentils

Yes, I know I over-snacked on peanut butter cookies last weekend.  I wouldn't say "binged" because seriously, I barely ate anything else other than the cookies so its like they were breakfast, lunch and dinner... sort of, but not really eh.

Anyway, since I'm on the topic of food, I really love food, I've come across a
recipe for lentil soup using red split lentils.  I figured, hey, it had plenty of fiber, plenty of protein, was supposed to be filling and pretty simple to make, why not give it a whirl.  What's the worse that could happen, aside from me hating it like I did the cold oatmeal in a jar.... hot oatmeal in a jar is awesome by the way, yum, but cold, ehn to the oh, NO.  Just not happening.

*note: lentils photo curtesy of The Ardent Epicure

I had viewed a video on Youtube for lentil soup helping to curb the appetite while on a weight loss regimen.  The soup they made had wayyy to much salt, seriously, they added salt, garlic salt, AND all purpose seasoning to the soup.  The sodium count ..... somebody please take my blood pressure!!!!!   So of course there is no way I'll link to that recipe.  But I did like the concept of an easy to make soup that can be made in bulk and frozen if necessary, that contains high fiber & high protein and is filling. 

Why haven't I heard of lentils before?  What are lentils anyway? 

I searched the internet for more videos on preparing lentil soup, read more recipes, and also I stopped by and read the comments people had to say about the lentil soups that were rated 4 or 5 star.... you know, because nobody ever follows the recipe EXACTLY as is, they ALWAYS have to say "I followed the recipe BUT added more such and such" or "I followed the recipe BUT left replaced this with that"... you get what I mean.  And that's where the recipe takes shape - in the comment section! 

All I can say is I made a lentil soup today, a small batch in my slow cooker, and it was ok, not great but not blah either, not bad for the first batch and nothing a little hot sauce couldn't fix. 

I got some useful info about lentils on this article at The Ardent Epicure

Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Last weekend I baked peanut butter cookies.  It's like I had an out of body experience you know, one minute I'm washing the supper dishes and the next .... my mind yelled PEANUT BUTTER COOKIES and before I knew it I was pulling out the container of sugar, the jar of peanut butter and the pack of eggs. 

I was greedy.  I made two batches.  But in my defense, the recipe (that can be found HERE)  only makes about a dozen and a half descent size cookies even though it claims to make two dozen. 

And I still was greedy because I ate them all, well, not ALL as in every single cookie that came out of the oven.  More like every single cookie that came out the oven EXCEPT the two that my husband ate.  

Ya, I know, you're wondering what happened to my so called diet.  I had a small relapse, I'm human, besides, I'm down 20 pounds from when I started so I'm not doing THAT bad.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Happy Hosts

I love it when I watch an informative program on television and the hosts have such great chemistry with one another. When their silly banter amongst themselves causes me to grin or giggle.

These past couple of months I find myself tuning in to Good Morning America. I will confess, it all began when I read online about Robin Roberts' illness and forthcoming leave. Eventually I tried to keep up on her well being through whatever article or tidbit posted online. When I heard about her return to morning television I just had to tune in. Now I find myself turning on the television in the early morning, not really to see how Robin is doing, but to get some international news updates and celebrity gossip if any.

The ease with which the anchors seem so friendly like normal and down to earth ordinary joes. I like that when I'm watching a news or informative program the hosts interact freely with each other and don't appear stiff or ackward on camera. I must confess though, I used to be a Today show junkie! Remember back in the day when Bryant Gumbel was the anchor with Katie Curic? Wow, that's going wayyyyy back! I used to tune in while getting ready for work in the morning, or if it was the American Thanksgiving, I'd be watching them interview the participants of the Macy's parade before the actual parade began.

But somewhere along the way the Today show dried up.  Sigh.

I can't even remember when I stopped watching it, or got turned off by watching it! All Good Morning America needs to do to make me a happy camper is to coerce Al Roker to switch networks and join their gang. I read an article last night how GMA is finally ahead in ratings. I doubt it's because I'm watching it now Ha! But I certainly can see why folks are tuning in.

And that is my two cents for today!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Read On

I don't know what it is about 2013.  For some reason, pretty much every book I read just isn't great.  They seem to be missing the "wow" feature.  Right now I'm actually reading two ebooks at the same time.  When I get to a dull spot in one, I switch over to the next.  Believe me, on a normal day, this would confuse the heck out of me but since both books are on the "dry" side, there isn't a problem. 

It's not that the genre I've been reading is repetitive.  We all know that romance novels are pretty much the same but I like them.  I recently read a horror book that, at first, I found pretty fast paced.  I really enjoyed it until the plot took a twist which I won't give away but let's just say it was like watching a movie that ends stupid and you fell like you got ripped off because of the ending.  Then you wait for the DVD version in hopes that it contains multiple endings for you to choose from, sort of like in I Am Legend, that had two different endings, one I hated, one I liked.  Seems every time it shows on television, it has that stupid ending!

Anyway, I've downloaded the Kindle app to my reader and am going to purchase the ebook our guest blogger wrote about because it's getting such rave reviews and I need to read a book of quality for a change.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Candy Crushed!

The problem with me being an "app addict" is, not only do I download every so called "usefull" app I can find to help me out with my weight loss journey.  And then there's the apps I use for social media.  And the apps to read books and magazines and shop and take photos.....

I also play addictive games.

I may have mentioned before how I've become addicted to playing Angry Birds.  I actually purchased the app for my minipad and play it just enough to get annoyed and then stop. Not quite an addict for this game yet but surely headed in that direction.  Right now I'm not referring to my addiction to Angry Birds, but to another game introduced to me by the folks at facebook.

Candy Crush Saga.

On almost a daily basis I was receiving "requests" from friends to send them something on Candy Crush Saga, or to join in and play along, compete with your facebook friends etc., etc.  Sigh... After giving in to peer pressure, I downloaded the game app and began to play.  It's fairly easy to get the hang of, just match three or more candy of the same type and score points.  Some combinations will net you a special candy that can help you gain more points faster.

Easy peasy...

It's not rocket science. 

But it does have a way of getting you to strategize!

Each level has it's own limits, by this I mean, you either have to
  • clear all the "jelly" in a certain amount of moves,
  • or bring down fruit and nuts from the top of the screen to the bottom in a specific number of moves while what appears like "icing" swirls prevent your from hitting the bottom unless they are destroyed first.
  • or score a specific number of points in a given amount of time. 
And to make the game even more challenging - as if it isn't challenging enough - some levels add annoying blockers, like chocolate that appears to multiply over the screen preventing your next move and encourages you to say bad words, or licorice that blocks the candy from falling or being used until it's removed, or candy bombs that run out of time and blow up before you can disarm them making you scream in frustration

All in all I say this is a mind challenging puzzle. 

A very annoying mind challenging puzzle too!

So annoying that I can't put it down!  What??!!

Hello, my name is Susan, and I'm a Candy Crush Saga addict.  I've come here  today seeking help.... 


I am currently on level 97.  I have a friend (who I constantly accuse of cheating) who is about three levels shy of completing the entire game of I think 300 or so levels or more for all I know!  Ouch, that couldn't have been easy! And I thought there was no bigger addict than me!  Guess she set me straight eh.

At one point I was stuck on level 65 for almost four weeks!  That's right... four weeks!!!  And yes, I played it every day, EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY DAY I PLAYED THAT GAME and by sheer luck I scored just barely enough points to advance to the next level. 

It almost brought me to tears I was so happy.

It is a challenging game but not without it's setbacks....  starting the game with 5 lives, but having to wait 30 minutes for one life when all five are depleted - or pay for more!  That's insane!!!  No way will I pay a buck for more lives when I could just advance the time on my ipod touch and trick the game into thinking the waiting time has lapsed.  Not having the extra help on the app version with free power-ups like the original facebook game played on the pc has.  And having to beg friends for a "ticket" to the next section of the game or pay a buck to proceed... What??!!  Craziness...

...but ya, I paid twice to proceed to the next section because my friends were slow on the reply Ha! 

I shouldn't laugh at that, it's actually quite frightening.  I'm so addicted to this game I'm paying a buck to move on to the next section... sad but true.  I think there should be a support group for people like me.  There probably is and I just haven't found it yet because I'm too busy playing the game.

I like that this game can be played on all my devices and linked via facebook and that it get the brain working, not quite as much as Sudoku does, but close enough.

And I need psychiatric help.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mind Boggling Blog

It's really strange how I seem to have neglected this blog.  I can't count the amount of times I've "mind blogged" a pretty good post but when the time comes to type it up or to even dictate it to the voice recorder for later, I just draw a blank!

Amazing.  But I'm back into the swing of things and working on a few posts that should be uploaded shortly. 

My mind is hard at work.... and giving me a head ache!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Weight A Minute!

I had a weigh in today and I've lost another pound and a half.  I know that may not sound like much but considering how I've been feeling a bit blah these past couple weeks... must be the weather, you know how it is... winter and snow and all that slush.  BLAH!

Well, I weighed in and was happy to see a loss of any amount.

Yes I am happy.

Yes I am now motivated more than ever to find my get-up-and-go (that appears to have got up and went). 

I have been working a little bit with weights but sometimes they feel like they weigh 10 pounds each, when in reality they're only 3 pound weights.  I've cheated a bit and used cans of Carnation Milk as substitute weights because they're much lighter.  Hey, every little bit counts especially if it keeps my potatoe from friending the couch. 

I really hope to get out jogging later this month.  Unlike last year, I'll be prepared to jog in the cooler temperatures and not freeze my ears and fingers off by not wearing the proper clothing... live and learn.  And I may just give in and buy that Zombies Run app though I still have strong issues paying eight bucks for it.

As for blogging.... wow, I've really slacked off, but that hasn't stopped "Anonymous" from begging me to visit his/her website!  Ha!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Remembering The Muffin Club

I still can't believe I'm hooked on muffins!  Ya, sure this really is strange.  Normally I prefer to eat the muffins I baked myself, or ones that a friend baked (my co-worker bakes delicious muffins FYI).

Speaking of co-workers and muffins, I once worked at an office where a couple of us had what we called "The Muffin Club".  And no, it wasn't because we were a bunch of chubby lumpkins either!  Ha!   We were six co-workers between two different departments (if memory serves me correct).   How it worked was each Friday, we took turns purchasing muffins for the members of the club.  One week I would buy six muffins, one for each of the six members of the "Muffin Club", then the following week it would be someone else's turn to make the purchase, we just had to make sure to connect with everyone to get which flavor they wanted but most of the time it was always the same, and you only had to shell out the $5 every six weeks which was a pretty good deal. 

There used to be a Mmmuffins shop near that workplace where we would buy the muffins but it has since closed, then again, so has that workplace.  Again, going on my memory, the muffins purchased at that shop weren't half bad.  I don't recall having any complaints and I remember I always had the apple cinnamon muffin that I enjoyed. 

I can't help but wonder if that muffin chain still exists or did it take the highway along with Dunkin Donuts and Robins Donuts. Hmm... don't see much of them around here anymore but Tim Hortons seems to be popping up everywhere!  

(note: photo courtesy of