Thursday, August 22, 2013

Up For Sale

After months of indecision I've finally decided to open an etsy shop!  I'm doing it more as an "extension to my hobby" rather than "I want to start a business" type of adventure.

I'm always buying more supplies as I need them when I create the annual family Christmas Ornament.  These ornaments are always done in plastic canvas so that would include buttons, cabochons, bells, ribbon, and other add-ons to finish the ornament.  I'm pretty particular when it comes to stitching the ornaments that I really don't like to just stop at yarn on plastic, there just has to be something more to it.  Thus that "something more" has created a major craft supply stash issue.   No matter how much I freely give away, I always have much more left so I'm going to sell my excess stash along with an ornament or two as I always stitch one or two extra per year just in case.  

Now I don't really expect to make any major profit off of this, I just want to see for at least one year, what I get out of it compared to what I put in to it, if that made any sense!  I was undecided about opening the store and my husband suggested that I give it a try for at least a year and see where it goes.  He knows I love my crafts and family & friends who receive something home made from me are always asking if I sell them.  So I prayed on it and then I looked at a pin my paternal Grandmother gave me.  It was a pin that had a logo of sorts for her craft shop that she had many years ago.  She sent me the pin through the mail when she opened her shop (that was located in her home, not online).  She's passed on now, but I seem to have picked up her love of crafting... actually it's because of her that I craft!  I always laugh at how I got into cross stitch... I'll blog that one day, but it was thanks to my paternal Grandmother.  

I'm getting my inspiration from my Grandmother's pin... and moving forward with the new shop.  I've got plans and ideas written, began taking photos of the supplies for sale but haven't a clue as to when it will finally be ready to open. 

I just wanted to share that because it's my "feel good" moment!.


Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Change Ahead

Yet again I am at a no-change zone. I appear to be sitting comfortably on a plateau but in reality, I'm not comfortable with it at all.  Truth be told I really shouldn't be surprised that I haven't dropped a pound or even a fraction of a pound.  Crispy Crunch, M&Ms and I have been dating again!  Seriously, I've been munching down Crispy Crunch chocolate bars and M&M peanut candies like they are about to be extinct!  I honestly should have known myself better than to expect myself to steer clear of junk food for 30 whole days.  I live for junk food so having it on the occasion in moderation like those fun size treats is a good thing for me as it keeps my monster cravings under control.  This recent no weight loss has kind of hit me into thinking what if next week I do see a change... what if next week the change is a weight GAIN?! 


I've been shopping around for an elliptical machine portable enough to fit in our small spare room and we're going to take a peek at one next week at fitness depot.  We've also got some vacation time coming around so that will include a lot of walking around and not really being as stationary as I am when I work so I guess that's also a good thing where weight loss is concerned.  I'm just a bit bummed out so I've been reading other folks' blogs to see what they did when they hit the plateau of all plateaus.  I think it's going to take a lot of will power to stop heading into that candy store on nights I work... I mean, seriously, the store is RIGHT THERE and the candy bar is RIGHT THERE and the price is REAL CHEAP and the candy tastes REAL GOOD.  sigh.  Crispy Crunch chocolate bars have become my achille's heal... 

I really need to stay focused on the big picture.  Baby steps will lead to big results so I guess before I really focus on more exercise, I need to work on getting myself off the Crispy Crunch chocolate bar "drug".  

Thursday, August 15, 2013

I Am Your Masterpiece

Weigh in was a success!  Ok well I guess for me it was a success technically.  I stepped on the scale over the weekend and looked down and cringed but then when I logged the number in the LoseIt app I noticed something....

I did NOT gain any weight.

Ok so I did NOT lose any either but I take that as a success since I made up for junk food free July by eating everything I got my grubby little hands on the first week of August! 


I was this close to being really discouraged and giving up this week  because I've got a major monster case of the munchies because... well just because (read between the lines ok, sheesh it's not rocket science).  Anyway, I was beginning to feel discouraged because last week's weigh in didn't really give me anything to brag about.  Sure I didn't gain anything but at the way I'm munching this week, who knows what that awful mean self esteem eating scale will say about me at the end of this week!  Then I read this prayer, part of a devotional from Girlfriends In God daily devotional I receive by email, dated August 7, 2012.  

Dear Lord, thank you for making each and every part of my being. For eyes that see, ears that hear, legs that move, fingers that feel, arms that hug, feet that run, a heart that beats, a brain that thinks, a tongue that tastes. Oh Lord, forgive me when I complain about your workmanship and wish for something different. Help me to always remember that I am Your masterpiece. In Jesus's name, amen.

I'm still on the road to weightloss but I'll be less likely to gripe and more likely to be thankful that even though I may not look like I want to, at least my cup runneth over.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Runners Hip

So it appears that my hip pain isn't just because my head was in la-la-land one morning when I fell but also on top of that I've got "runners hip" or bursitis.  Wow.  I'm actually smiling because I like the term "runners hip"...makes me feel like I'm an athlete.  Yes, sometimes I do need psychological help.  Ha!

The good thing is that I've been taking good care of it and sleeping on my back with a pillow under my knees or on my opposing side with a pillow between my legs to keep my hip steady has been working wonders.  My heating pad and Bengay rub also do the job.  I've been walking lightly, not too brisk but at least I'm moving.  Still keeping up with the dips and squats but on a lighter and more reasonable level too.  

Runners hip.... Who knew!?

Logged Off

I honestly never thought I was THAT addicted to social media.  And even though I'm only allowing myself access to this blog, I've been going bonkers wondering what's happening on all the other sites I've logged off of til the end of August. 

I know, thirty days is an awful long time.  Family and friends will wonder what happened to me... ok, so they probably won't care or even notice I've been absent but it does allow me more time to vent my frustration on that cross training machine.  Yup, my frustration today was taken out on an exercise machine that had me breaking a sweat and grumbling to myself for taking on such a stupid pointless venture.

Anyway, I will take this time to upload my before and after photos now that July is done with and I can see just a slight change in the photos to "document" the challenges I took on last month.  Small changes, a tiny weight loss but my arms are stronger, my energy level is greater and my belly appears to be a bit lighter on the muffin top.  Will I take on all those challenges again... sure.  All at once... no friggen way!  It was way too much and I spent more time in pain and agony than feeling good about it.  I began feeling like it was a chore rather than a good thing that will help me lose weight or slim in or strenghen myself.  I felt trapped because I refused to give in but in doing so I may have caused greater damage to my hip.  Stupid stupid stupid....

Monday, August 5, 2013

Take It Off Line

I've been doing pretty well with my healthy transformation.  Junk food free July went well though right now I'm in crispy crunch chocolate bar withdrawal. I ran out of decaf coffee so had to revert back to caffeine three days ago as that's all that was stashed in the cupboard until I get to the grocery store later. I'm exercising regularly but finally not to the point of exhaustion and super pain.  I've concluded that if I continue to walk, occasionally jog, exercise in my home on a daily basis and eat right, I will continue to lose weight and inches.  I honestly can see myself reaching my goal. I intend to purchase a stationary bike this autumn.

Now comes the next step in my renewal.  Getting myself unaddicted to social media.

I know....sad but true.

I read an interesting article in Natural Health magazine about getting away from social media and it will help ease your anxiety.  Hmm... Could my anxiety really be caused by my addiction to social media or the real world?  Time to find out and take my whole personal self renewal deal to the next level.

This morning when I awoke, I turned on my ipad and....
I logged off of Facebook.
Off Instagram.
Off Flickr. 
Off Pinterest. 
Off goodreads. 
Off YouTube. 
Off etsy
And off eBay. 

I'm still on blogger for the sake that I need to blog my "progress" for lack of another word.  Sounds pointless to be still conected but one social media outlet as compared to nine is a drastic move.  Sure most likely I'll still take photos and post them to Instagram next month but for August I want to be free and clear.  I'd break from blogger too but I really want to know how I personally progress and whether or not it going cold turkey will encourage me to exercise more or watch tv more (I'm hoping for exercise). 

I really need to refresh my mind as well as my body and spirit.  

Here's the article for anyone interested.  Hopefully it's big enough to read!