Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Running On Determination

I just read this great inspiring article over on Yahoo Shine and thought I might share the story, if even just for my own personal use if that be the case.  

The lady in this photo is Molly Jordan and she lost 140 pounds by running.  The article, which you can find HERE AT SHINE is really more about her determination.  To sum it up short, this lovely lady decided one day that she didn't want to be 300lbs any more and she always wanted to be a runner.  So she ran.  The article continues to explain the changes she made to her eating habits and how she made time to go to the gym or to get out for a run.  I guess I can easily compare myself with her in a sense that I don't have to get children up early for school so an early morning run is "easy".  I prefer exercising in the morning hours but in my case, since I'm all backwards... and by that I mean I work nights so when I arrive home at the "end of the day" it's really first thing in the morning when most folks are just getting up, or are just leaving their homes to head to work or to take the kids to school or some extra curricular activity.   I like arriving home, changing into a pair of sweats and then heading out for a run.  I admit I haven't run as much as I could have this year and I blame my hip.  I do walk often enough but, like Molly, I got greater results with running and it's also a great way to loose that dreaded belly fat.  Now if I had children, I could easily blame them for my dreaded belly fat (makes a nice easy excuse eh), if I was much younger I'd simply say it's teenage fat that is slowly on its way out (I got lots more excuses too).  Sadly enough in my case it's just candy cake laziness.  I've been exercising this week, two days straight on the stepper... or as the writing on the machine says "body sculpting cross stepper" so I've been sculpting my body in to what, I'm not quite sure yet. I guess with it being Autumn, and Halloween around the corner, what better time for me to give the Zombies Run app a run for it's money.  I did get it for a discount price of $2.99 so why not... lets get that last 18 pounds off immediately!  

Determination.... I gotta remember that word... I like it better than motivation right about now.  Seriously! 


note: photo courtesy of Yahoo! Shine Canada

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