Tuesday, October 1, 2013

A Minute In Susan's Mind

I forgot to renew subscriptions to some magazines I enjoy reading.  First I was going to renew them but in the digital version on Zinio the other day but when they wouldn't accept the $5 coupon they emailed me then I decided against it since these particular magazines are better in the paper format anyway so no harm done.

I'm trying to delete some magazines from my ipad that are taking up space but the lovely glitch in the Zinio app only lets you delete the entire collection of same magazines at the same time.  Should you have one lone magazine, that trusty edit button doesn't appear.... holding your finger on the magazine hoping the X will appear only works sometimes...  I'm beginning to like paper magazines even more.

And will someone please tell me why I purchased SELF magazine?  I must have been over tired or just plain stupid.

I really don't have anything real to blog about today in case you haven't noticed.  I was just sitting here cleaning some old books and magazines off the ipad and got annoyed by that one issue of SELF that won't go away!  *giggles*

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