Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Breaking News!!!

I surprised myself this week and went jogging twice in two days.  I know that may not sound like a big deal to some but to me it's major.  My hip hasn't given out on me yet, and lets hope I didn't just jinx myself.  I've been heading over to the running track in the park these days rather than jog on the street Just for change of scenery at the moment.  I didn't realize I'd actually enjoy jogging around a track, over and over and over in the same ole circle but it's really no big deal and I find I can monitor my progress much better.  I always have my step/distance/calorie counter clipped to my sock and this way if I'm feeling full of energy I can run laps till I drop, or walk one and jog one (like I did today: I did 6 laps, walking one then jogging one and so on).  I felt really good but it was just after work and I was tired so I cut it short and only did a total of 3km.  I really want to do 5km daily but it all depends on how fragile my hip is.  When I got home, after cooling/warming and drinking lemon water, I took a hot shower and put good ole BenGay to work on my aching shin splints... I need new shoes or new insoles to absorb the shock.  I'll go with new insoles first because I'm cheap like that. 

As for the scale... I put that liar in punishment.  Locked it up in the closet for two weeks.  And yes I've been doing the mason jar meals this week... lentil soup, oatmeal and salad all prepared in mason jars.  Sure the jar is heavy and fragile but for me they're so convenient.  I just need to find new mason jar meals to make!   

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