Wednesday, October 9, 2013

It's Shoe Box Time!

Like any other year at around this time, our church starts to put up posters advertising the upcoming Operation Christmas Child shoe box donation.  

And like any other year, we set out to shop for kids who would otherwise not have any gifts this Christmas season. 

Though it's not completely about the giving of a gift to the child, but giving them a bit of hope and a bit of joy.  Letting them know that there are people in the world who can give just a little bit of their time and make the effort of packing a small shoe box full of toys, school supplies, hygiene products and even some hard candies.

Seriously, it's just a small shoe box.  

You know the physical size of a shoe box so imagine how much it can hold.  That's right, not much!  At least not much by the standards of most children today who would expect to receive ipods, iphones, playstation3, nike shoes, and other expensive brand name items for Christmas.   What fits in the shoe box that brings smiles to these childrens' faces are bars of soap, lollipops, small packs of beads or hear bows, rubber balls, marbles, whistles and small stuffed teddies and hotwheels cars.  

What might be considered a small trinket to "fortunate" children, is a treasure beyond compare to the recipients of these shoe box gifts.  I hope, as with every other year, that those who may have never heard of this charity will decide to participate this year.  If you are unable to physically pack a box and take it to a drop off location then please do go an pack one online using the donation button.  Just think of all the joy you'll bring to one small child with one box.  Twice the joy for two children by packing two boxes....  Spread the word.  Spread the joy. 

Collection of the boxes will be November 18-24, 2013.  

Take the time this year to fill a shoe box for a child in need at Samaritan's Purse International.  Click the link for more information.   

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