Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Kick Start

You know, sometimes it really is a good idea to read real blogs by real people.  What I mean is, right now I'm on a mission to drop another 20 pounds.  I wouldn't say I'm unhealthy at the moment but I certainly could use a few pounds off my 5' 10" frame.   I've been at it for a while now and hit more than enough lengthy plateaus and that's when I really started scouring the blogosphere for real personal weightloss blogs to see how many other folks have experienced the same and what changes did they make to overcome the "dead-zone".   

I've gone back to jogging which I really enjoy and believe me it's really pulling in my belly!  I did read somewhere that jogging is the fastest way to lose belly fat.  Hey, it could have been a misleading article for all I know but I can honestly say that my belly is shrinking, so are my hips and thighs... but I'm not losing any weight!  Again!  I did experience close to a two pound drop recently but I thought, hey cool, finally the plateau has lifted.  Well, no, it's not lifted.  So I did what I did before....

I read more personal blogs and found this article written by Lyn over at Escape from Obesity (click the link, show some love) and she discusses increasing her calorie intake to kickstart her metabolism.  You know, until I read that article I never would have considered increasing my calories.  It is worth a try after all.  I'm down to consuming ... or ATTEMPTING to consume 1000 calories a day but breakfast on Saturday morning that consists of two fried eggs with a slice of cheese melted in it, fried turkey bacon, brown beans, a hashbrown and toast ... oh and a super size coffee... well, that pretty much uses up more than half of my daily count while the rest of the week I seem to be starving myself because I work nights, dinner time for my husband is breakfast time for me so I usually skip a meal so, ya, I need help not just with kickstarting my metabolism but getting some better eating habits.  Lyn's article was a good place to start, either way.

I've increased myself to 1200 (the recommended amount apparently according to the LoseIt app) and I'll stick to it for two weeks to see if I notice any changes in how I feel, ie: sluggish, stuffed, energized.  Of course this means I'm also going to prepare my breakfast and dinner meals in advance... break out the mason jars! 

I love mason jars!!   
  • Oatmeal in a jar for  breakfast,
  • salada in a jar for lunch,
  • lentil soup in a jar for dinner.  
Meanwhile, I'll continue with the jogging because I need to keep my mind focused on exercise too.


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