Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nostalgic October

I've been feeling very nostalgic this week, not sure if it's because of seeing how all the little kids are excited for Halloween, or the flurries we had the other night on my way to work.... just a combination of all I suppose.

I remember when we were kids, Mom always took us out on Halloween.  We would use old pillow cases as our goodie bags and we would head out right after dinner, usually as soon as it was getting dark.  Then we'd walk up one side of the street for a few blocks then cross over and come up the other side all the way home.  We'd be out for hours!  Mom was cool like that!   I'm not sure if it was because she knew we were having so much fun or if it was because she wanted to run into some of her friends and catch up on the neighbourhood gossip!  Probably a mix of everything really.  

I remember someone gave us a can of fruit cocktail in our Halloween sacks.  Crazy but true!  Never did like when folks gave out apples or raisins either.  I went into the dollar store today and saw quite a crowd getting costumes together... and then on the other side of the same aisle was the Christmas stuff!  I love when they do that (NOT!).

October....and nostalgia.... sigh.

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