Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October Love

I love October. 
I love everything about October. 

The mild weather while the leaves turn shades of yellow, brown and red. 

Thanksgiving... yes in Canada Thanksgiving is in October.  This year it lands on Monday, October 14th to be exact. 

And Halloween... no kids ever come to collect candy from our home though but that's ok, I still buy the big bag of tootsie rolls and full size chocolate bars and yes I confess it is simply because I KNOW that no children in cute and scary costumes will pass by looking for a freebie handout. 

October.... I love October!

I love that the farmers market will be loaded with fresh vegetables and lined with pumkins of all sizes. 


Rain... I do enjoy the rain more this time of year than in April.  Usuall by the time April arrives I've had it up to here with precipitation that I just want hot dry weather! 

October... what can I say about October.

The painting above is "October Rain by Arlon Rosenoff"

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