Saturday, October 19, 2013

Re A Crochet

I learned how to crochet a rose yesterday! And the fun thing is it only took a whole twenty minutes if even.  See, this is why I love YouTube!  Sure it's a great social media to share home movie clips with friends and family but it's also my go-to place when I want to learn something new.  Not everyone on YouTube wants to show you how to jump off the shed roof on a skateboard and bust up your head.  Ya, I can't believe someone was THAT stupid!  Ha!

Ok so back to the learning process.  My first crochet rose came out pretty cute, but as per usual, the first one is always the one that encourages you to try again and improve on what you criticized the first one for.  So the first rose I didn't roll it up tight enough so it looked a bit lopsided and I used he wrong size crochet hook for the yarn I was using but other than that all went well.  I still need to follow the pattern a few more times before I have it committed to memory but I intend to make a couple to go on my winter hat! 

The video is HERE in case anyone is interested in learning the rose but remember it's in UK terms and not USA terms. 

Next..... Knitting!

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