Friday, October 18, 2013

Still At It

Surprisingly enough, I'm still jogging! My hip has been acting up a bit but I've been allowing it time to heal between runs and I've got a tiny bit of shin splints which tells me I need new insoles for my runners (or a whole new pair of runners, yikes!).

I have to give most of the credit to the Zombies Run app that inspired me to run faster on some occasions and on others, to just not talk myself out of going for the run in the first place.  But the app does get boring along the way and personally, it is beginning to distract me from the beautiful autumn scenery.... and from watching my surroundings!  I ditched the app and now am just running with a playlist like I was a while back.  And yet again, I have multiple playlists made so I just select which one that matches my mood.

I've been urging myself to run on rainy days for the sole purpose of getting accustomed to the cooler and more uncomfortable weather conditions.  It is my goal (as crazy as it may seem) to run throughout the winter season, at least 3 days a week - Monday, Wednesday & Fridays.  I'll leave Tuesday & Thursday as my in home workout using some of the exercise videos I've found on Youtube that involve a bit of handheld weights. 

Eating .... oh my oh my... the eating habits are out of this world!  I indulge in a big breakfast on Saturdays and Sundays... these are the only days of the week (aside from holidays) that my husband and I can get to sit down to breakfast together so we enjoy every second of it, loitering at the table talking over toast, milk, eggs, beans, turkey bacon.... sigh.  Dinners on Friday, Saturday & Sunday nights are also the only time I really get to sit and have dinner with him as well so those are big well cooked meals where as throughout the rest of the week it's usually left overs or something I can throw together quickly.  Being as it was the Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday past, you know I ate more than one individual should eat.  I'm not guilty one bit either!!  I just know I need to get with more oatmeal (oatmeal in a jar sounds nice about now).  I need to get my lentil soup brewing and bottle that up.  I need to get some carrots and apples for snacks.  Basically I need an overhaul of my current menu so that's in the works.. .you know how everyone like to "start fresh on Monday"... so Monday it is!!  :-)

The main thing is, I'm still encouraged to keeping fit.  By exercising regularly... and I also acknowledge that I need to improve my eating habits so at least I confess to that guilty pleasure of chocolate bars, cookies, and captain crunch cereal. 

Not giving up is important. 

Staying positive is important.

I can do it!!! 

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