Saturday, October 19, 2013

We Heart It

I signed up for that WeHeartIt social media site.  I had only stumbled into it a couple of times but always found something interesting so figured why not sign up and add it to my list of sites.

I did just that.
Even installed the app on my minipad too.

Then went searching the site and it dawned on me. Remember how once upon a long long time ago most adult folk referred to MySpace as a teens haven?  Well that's the opinion I give to WeHeartIt.   No matter what word I searched, the resulting images were of teen males baring their abs or teen girls showing cleavage or pouting in a selfie photo.



See how quickly I deleted that account!  I'll stick with Pinterest to keep track of sites I want to revisit, and Flickr has a nice favourites section set up and it suits my needs however, it was an interesting experience if I must say so.  No harm in checking it out.  Now, on to StumbleUpon!

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