Saturday, November 30, 2013

Christmas Baking

December 1st is the kick off to holiday baking! 

  • cookies
  • banana bread
  • red velvet cake
  • fruit cake
That's pretty much all that's on my list this year.  I'm keeping it real simple this year because I want to enjoy a quiet peaceful holiday and I just don't want to stress myself out like I did last year.  I'm still going to bake cookies for my family and of course the Christmas fruit cake simply goes without saying!  I made red velvet cake last year and am going to give it another go this year for my niece but that's about it.  No new recipes will the attempted this year, just sticking to some of the old family favorites like chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin, double chocolate chip, snickerdoodles, red velvet cookies, sugar cookies, and gingerbread men.

Baking for Christmas is one family tradition I'm taking seriously.  Mom always baked delicious treats at Christmas.  She told us stories of how her Mum used to bake delicious treats for her and her siblings growing up so its an honor for me to take hold of this tradition and a big thank you to my Aunt Patty for the fruit cake recipe that still remains super duper top secret and is also a family favorite.

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Christmas Cards

Today's mission, should I choose to complete it, is to address, sign and prepare an endless amount of Christmas cards to family and friends. 

No, this stack in the photo is not MY stack, this photo is courtesy of, but by the look of this stack of envelopes, it seems to have been time consuming.

We've got a Christmas card address book with the list of names and hopefully updated addresses of everyone we mail cards to.  Every now and again someone gets removed from our list, usually because they've moved and we have no forwarding address, or simply because they played the fool all year and aren't deserving of one.  Ya, that sounds real Grinchy of me eh, but it's the truth no matter how it sounds.  We also add people to our list of greetings every couple of years. 

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without the trusty tradition of addressing Christmas cards. ....  paper cards, the ones that you take to the post office and buy stamps for then wait patiently for them to travel the world and finally (hopefully) make it to their final destination bringing joy to the recipient who may or may not save the card as a keep-sake.  I just can't bring myself to send email cards.  I prefer the paper ones.  


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Susan's Favorite Things 2013

OK, so I'm sure pretty much everyone is familiar with Oprah's Favorite Things.  I used to love watching that episode of her daytime show but now I just have to settle for buying the O Magazine to read all about it.  Hmm, Zinio should give me that copy for free .... as a Christmas gift!  Ha! 

I've got a list of my own favorite things from 2013.  Not anything like what Oprah may have listed in her mag, but then again I'm ordinary joe so let's get this show on the road shall we.

Since Christmas is about the twelve days of..., I figure I'll just list my 12 favorite things in no particular order. 

Cadbury Crispy Crunch chocolate bars.  Oh how I love these tasty little rascals!  They are the solution to every problem I ever had this year, all except one.  Weight loss.  They did nothing to help me lose any weight. 

Smuckers Real Raspberry Jam.  Have you ever had this jam before?  If not, I highly recommend it.  A few years back my friend's mother made me a jar of home made raspberry jam and it was Divine.  This Smuckers jam tastes like they made just that one jar only for you and that's it!  It has such a fresh taste.  I'm not too fond of the price, but it's well worth it in taste.

Come Around Sundown by Kings of Leon.  I love this album!  I'm a big fan of Kings of Leon and find their music has a great pace for me to jog with.

Organics Olive Oil Foam Wrap Lotion.  I use this on my hair now that I'm trying to look like Halle Berry keeping it short.  I'm trying not to blow dry my hair so often and not because I'm too lazy... ok it is because I'm too lazy, but wrapping up my hair with this foam is way easier and less time consuming and apparently it's also supposed to keep my hair healthy!  Wow, who would have thought that being lazy would yield positive results!!  Woo hoo!!!

Candy Crush Saga.  I know, I can't believe this is listed as one of my favorite things.  I really have a love-hate relationship with this annoying piss me off game but it's really fun!  Sure, I've spent the better half of the year stuck on level 266 but that's behind me now, I've moved on... .to level 267!  Ha!

Yarn!  I learned how to knit this year and now I have another reason to buy more yarn!  I've always had an obsession with yarn and it will always be one of my favorite things. Oh I'm excited just writing about it!  I've got goose bumps!!   I still have a long way to go at this craft but eventually I will knit some slippers and mittens and because I want to do that, I'll get to buy even more yarn!!!  (photo courtesy of

Torn tee shirts.  Ok first of all, please PLEASE don't tell my Mom that I wear tee shirts with holes in them.  This photo is NOT mine, it's courtesy of but it does sort of describe how my favorite tee shirts are beginning to look.  I don't know what the appeal of a torn tee shirt is but it appeals to me quite nicely when I'm in the house and not out in public or anywhere in the vacinity of my mother.

Men's pajama pants.  These things are crazy comfortable.  They make an awesome stay-at-home ensemble when paired with the torn tee shirt.  I have plenty of these men's pajama pants thanks to my ever growing nephew!  Yes you may call them hand-me-downs, but comfort knows no I don't know how to end that sentence!  Ha! ha! ha! 

Swiffer Sweepers are the greatest thing since the invention of the vacuum cleaner.  Seriously.  I love my swiffer.  I don't dance with it while swiffering the floor though, that's just stupid.

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel.  These little gel things cling to the inside of the toilet and dissolve with each flush.  They last about a week but that depends on how often you flush I suppose.  We're just two folks at home so it's about a week for us and there's nothing to remove when it's done, unlike those nasty plastic hanging things that hang of the side of the toilet... eeewwww!!!  

Glade Sense & Spray.  I love that these last and you sort of forget about them too come to think of it.  I have three of these at home.  Got them all for free!  Yes, thank you, thank you very much!  I collected coupons from websaver and last winter they had a coupon for a free sense & spray unit that around these parts, retails for $9.   I landed three coupons and the rest is history!  I keep one in the bathroom, one by the front door, and one in the living room.  They run on two AA batteries and require a small scent refill which we usually stock up on while shopping over the border because here in Montreal, those little babies cost a whopping $7 (CDN) compared to $3 (USD) in Plattsburgh.  That's just craziness.

Ebay (and the ebay app).  I purchases so many craft supplies from ebay this year it's really not funny.  I paid next to nothing for ribbon, knitting needles, crochet hooks, buttons, organza bags and the like.  I never ever picked a 'buy now' item, always a 'bid' item and like the cheapskate I am, all of my purchases came from China within a month of making the purchase.  Sure I had to wait a whole month for delivery but 50 meters of ribbon for $2 is well worth the wait.  And to everyone who actually read this whole blog post, you will receive an ebay gift card.  Ok no you won't receive anything actually, I just had an Oprah moment there.  I'm sorry about that, but thank you for reading this entire post, I do appreciate it!  Hope you enjoyed it!   

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

I. Am. Sick.

I'm sick.

Hey, why beat around the bush, lets just cut to the chase.

I. Am. Sick.  (I said that in my William Shatner as Captain Kirk voice)

My throat is so dry and burning, my chest feels like it's on fire, my nose is.... snotty.   I haven't run this week.  Not once..... queue the excuses:

Monday morning I woke up with a major migraine from getting next to no sleep over the weekend so there was absolutely no way I was running with a migraine.  Tuesday... sigh... Tuesday, Tuesday, oh Tuesday....   I forgot to take my house keys with me to work Monday night so when I arrived home on Tuesday morning I had no way to get in as Prince Charming was already at work.  I had to stay by my Mom's house all day so not only was I unable to run because I had no running gear, but I got no sleep either because I wasn't in my own bed.  Mom's bed is comfy, but she wasn't in it for me to snuggle.  Then Wednesday I was just so extremely exhausted and feeling my throat itchy scratchy, I went right to bed after work rather than go for a run. 

The calories... ah, yes, I did adhere to that!  (sort of)  I had my big breakfast on Saturday and Sunday but the rest of the day I barely ate anything.  Monday I had shredded wheat for breakfast and some left over pasta for dinner and that's all.  Tuesday I was so pissed off at myself for forgetting my house keys that I binged on popcorn and my new favorite bon bon..... Reese Peanut Butter Cups.  I washed that junk down with some Orange Crush.  And yes, it did make my emotions feel better for a while then guilt set in so today I had 2 slices of home baked whole wheat bread with Smuckers Raspberry jam for breakfast, and an orange & banana for lunch.  For dinner I've got a pack of Quaker instant oatmeal... can you say YUM?  Good, because I can't, I'm saying more like THAT THE HECK?.  

So I'm sick, I'm also kind of cranky too.  And there you have it!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Pardon Prayer

Praying for YOU always. (You know who you are).

Thursday, November 21, 2013

A Minute In Susan's Mind

This evening I walked past a Christmas tree lot and all I could smell were the pine trees.  Such a wonderful scent.  It made me smile big to myself and I noticed one other person inhale a deep breath and then smile too.  We don't put up a real tree though, we use an artificial one. 

photo courtesy of

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Handmade Holiday

Every year at this time I'm really stressed and rushing about to get the handmade ornaments ready for delivery.  This year is no different. 

This year I've got over a dozen handmade ornaments for the "Annual Family Ornament" made from plastic canvas and acrylic yarn.  Then there are about 36 handmade personalized cross stitch ornaments for the children who are family members, my friends' children, and children of our church members.  Seems every year the childrens' cross stitch ornament is the big hit and every year new people approach me requesting one. 

Well, the delivery date for the cross stitch ornaments is:
  • Sunday, December 8th for members of our church. 
  • If I don't see the parent, then they will be mailed on Monday, December 2nd.
The Family ornament in plastic canvas will be mailed to family members on Monday, December 2nd.  Photos will only be posted after I'm sure everyone has received the ornament.  However, partially stitched ornaments of the children's cross stitch ornament can be viewed at my Flickr album: NeedlecrafterThe photos were taken  before I stitched the name on the ornament then framed it.

I'm also making some felt ornaments to distribute to some of the seniors at our church, just to bring them a bit of joy. 

And then there's the cookies!!!  Yes let's not forget the cookies but cookie baking is in December only and only 2 or 3 people at church get a small sampling of the home baked cookies.... and of course all the kids too if I have a chance to bake a batch for the Sunday school kids.... and of course the cookies for the kids in our family.  And even more baking!!!!!

This year, rather than blog about all the traditions our family used to do, I'm going to focus on the ones I'm trying to keep alive.

Blogging the Christmas Joy starts soon!!

note: photo courtesy of:

Hodgepodge Questions Volume 151

Wednesday Hodgepodge hosted by From This Side Of The Pond.  Click the link, follow her blog, it's fun, join in, really, I ain't lying!!

Here's this weeks questions

1. What lesson has failure taught you?

Hmm... I learned I'm stronger than I give myself credit for. It's not easy getting back up once you failed at something but it takes a lot to get back up and try again!

2. What decision are you glad you made?

I'm glad I decided to cut off all my hair. I used to have long hair past shoulder length and in the autumn of 2008 I decided to chop it all off a-la-pixie-cut. Its so much easier to deal with, best decision I ever made.

3. I've been a little bit surprised to see fully lit and decorated Christmas trees popping up for the past several weeks in friend's Instagram feeds. So tell the truth-is your tree up and decorated, and if so when did that happen? If not, when will you be decking the halls?

I don't have the tree up yet but came THIS close to putting it up this past weekend. I do have all the other decorations out and about... the red kitchen curtains, red shower curtain, red bath mats, green and red towels, red dining table cloth, artificial poinsettia flowers here and there... all that remains is the tree.

4. Solitaire-Poker-Rummy-Hearts-Go Fish-Old Maid...which game of cards would you most like to join?

Hearts! Oh I miss that game. I used to play it over the network with coworkers on lunch break as we were all in different departments. Loved dishing out that Queen of spades at the last minute!

5. This question comes to you courtesy of a Facebook friend, who once upon a time had a blog...When you're feeling stressed do you snack a lot or are you more the 'can't eat' type?

When I'm stressed I eat! Yes I'm an emotional eater. When I'm depressed I can't eat but stressed out, and give me a crispy crunch chocolate bar immediately.

6. Have you ever reviewed a product or service on line? Was your review favorable or less than favorable?

I find I'm constantly reviewing the Zinio emagazine service on my blog, and the reviews are quite favorable.

7. What was the best conversation you had yesterday?

I discussed my progress with the home made Christmas ornaments I'm making for family and friends. I have 3 weeks left to finish everything and it was really nice to talk about it.

8. Insert your own random thought here.

It's late and I'm listening to KLOVE radio on line. I love this station, it plays contemporary christian music and right now I've go so much going on in my head that listening to these songs are giving me added hope and having a nice soothing, calming effect. Be anxious for nothing...

Tuesday, November 19, 2013


One thing I've always known was beware of what you post online because it will turn up in the oddest places.  I've read a few health blogs, mainly ones I've stumbled in to, and they've been talking about how it took them months or years to lose up to 100 pounds only to find their before and after photos "stolen" and used by some crook in an advertisement for weightloss miracle pills! 

Yup, I've seen lots of those advertisements but I'm not stupid to believe they really work but to know that the before/after photos are stolen from ordinary joe?!  I truly am shocked. 


Monday, November 18, 2013

Jog, Fast, Lose

Saturday's weigh in yielded another loss of over two pounds.  I stepped on the scale and was down by 2.2 pounds which I was extremely happy to discover.  It appears I've found something that seems to be working even if it may just be water weight at this stage but at least I don't feel bloated or totally drained out either. 

I've been jogging 40 minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I confess, I haven't done any exercises on the other days like I probably should at some point.  I am eating less on those days.  I have increased my calorie intake to 1200 for Monday, Wednesday and Friday but on Tuesday & Thursday I've been doing "interim fasting" and only eating within a small window of hours or limiting my eating to one meal and replacing one or two meals with the ever so delicious meal replacement chocolate shake.  Yum, I do actually like it when it's very cold, but once it starts to warm up a bit to room temperature... not so much.

Apples and oranges are my best friends right now.  I always loved apples and oranges and even more during the Christmas holidays.  Mom used to put out a bowl of each so the fruity scent was always in the air.  I find myself sitting in the kitchen next to the bowl of fruit often these days.   I've been slicing the apples into wedges and placing them in a sandwich bag with some cinnamon (cinnamon is good  to control blood sugar, reduce inflammation and you can read the rest of that mumbo jumbo by clicking this link.)

The only problem I had last week - health wise- was I didn't drink enough water.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

The Web Links

Alrighty then.... Let me gather my thoughts and put those links to some of those articles & blogs I posted about these past couple days.

First of all, I've read quite a bit on Intermittent Fasting.  Most of the articles are relatively the same but some offer up a different piece of advise, such as swapping out a solid food meal with a meal replacement liquid that has a 250 or less calories. 

One of the articles I read was Intermittent Fasting 101 (click the link to get to that article, it's pretty well written and includes pros, cons and FAQ).

Another article, A Beginner's Guide to Intermittent Fasting, "dumbs it up" and by that I mean, it explains intermittent fasting in ordinary-joe-terms, all that's missing is the "for dummies" cover on the website!   

I strongly recommend reading these two sites.  There was a third site I read that included the meal replacement information but I can't remember where I found it so I'll have to check if its in my history files or if it got cleaned out... oops!

The exercise video I do is HASfit 30 Minute Low Impact Beginner Workout.  First of all there's no jumping around so you don't need to be in the basement to do this video.  It would help if you have 2 or 3 pound weights but if you don't then just use can veggies like I did before I purchased the weights.  Its really a 10 minute video repeated 3 times sort of... the instructor does 10 minutes of exercises then he starts back at the first exercise so its not a simple rerun of the video but the instructor starting a second and third rep so it's easy to either stop after 10 or 20 minutes once you realize what the first exercise was and you find yourself doing it again!  I would suggest sitting and watching the video for at least 10 minutes to see what he's going to have you doing.  It's quite simple and gives good results (especially on that muffin top aka love handles).

Monday, November 11, 2013

Mrs. Cranky Pants

Ever have one of those days, sort of like a day where you just wake up on the wrong side of the bed but it's a bit more intense than that? Well that'd be me today.  Just call me Mrs. CrankyPants. 

I went to bed late Sunday night feeling my normal self.  Slept maybe 3 hours then got up to get husband off to work and noticed I was a bit off.  Then the voices in my head started and to shut them up I usually have coffee and food.  I desperately wanted to avoid the emotional eating so I quickly got dressed and went for my 40 minute run.  It was 1*C (33*F) but I was dressed for it.  I ran until my legs yelled for me to stop. 

After cooling/warming off at home, I showered and went to bed but couldn't sleep.  Eventually I did fall asleep but when I awoke in the late afternoon when husband came home from work, I was in worse shape.  A hot shower later and a hot cup of coffee with some eggo waffles later, I still felt like I got hit by a mack truck. 

Left home at 7pm to head to work, at least I was early.  It was raining when I caught the bus but that turned to snow by the time I got off the bus.  The first snowfall makes me nostalgic so I came this close to bursting into tears while walking down the street. 

I got to work covered in snow, and still feeling terribly moody, then I dropped my glasses and broke them.  To make myself feel better I emptied out my work bag in search of food and found.....
an apple
an orange
a bottle of prune juice
a box of sunmaid raisins.... 

I curse you Crispy Crunch... how can you abandon me at a time like this!!!

note: photo curtesy of

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Paper Subscriptions

I'm a real big fan of magazines, obviously, I've subscribed to a couple of health and fitness magazines to help me along with my weight loss journey.  I can honestly say that there have been a handful of articles in the magazines that I found helpful, mainly the testimonial type of stories from real people... similar to reading ordinary weight loss blogs by ordinary people I guess. 
Currently I get most of my magazines delivered to me via Zinio.  I still think Zinio is the greatest thing since sliced bread ... however... I don't think I will ever lose the love of a paper magazine.  Funny, I've actually heard people say this when comparing books to ebooks.  Personally, there is no comparison.  I hopped on the epub bandwagon and haven't looked back!  But magazines... no, they're not the same and here's why:  I ordered a digital issue of a crafting magazine.  Basically, I used a coupon I'd received from Zinio to make the purchase so it was a freebie actually.  I love the magazine but it contains patterns that I need to print.  For the love of all creation, I can't get that stupid minipad to print the pattern even though my printer is "airprint compatible".  I'm wearing my angry eyes now!

I have a free subscription to Star magazine from Zinio.  I love that they keep giving me free stuff, they're awesome like that!  Sure the Star magazine is annoying by way of always talking about the Kardashians or BeyoncĂ©, but I like the crossword puzzle in the back that I CAN'T DO BECAUSE ITS A DIGITAL COPY!  Sure I can screen capture then print it but, oh yes, that airprint thing isn't functioning!!  User problems most likely

I get a free subscription to Chatelaine magazine with my airmiles points, too bad they don't offer Canadian Living, I have to pay for that!  Sure it's cheaper to purchase the digital copy but that's what this blog is about.... some magazines just have to be the paper copy!  Canadian Living has tons of recipes and I don't want my digital device anywhere near where I'm cooking!  Also, I share the magazine with a friend when I'm done reading it.  I also like Good Housekeeping and also need the paper copy.  I did come close to purchasing the digital version of GH but noticed how the itunes store and Zinio have different prices!!  If I order the magazine subscription directly through the Zinio app, I'll pay via itunes store (because it's purchased through the app) so to get the lower price I've got to make the purchase through the Zinio store that isn't in the app.  Ya I'm confused.  User problems again most likely.  

Don't get me wrong, for magazines, I read the digital versions on both Zinio & Adobe readers especiall when it comes to my fitness magazines (Women's Health, Fitness, Shape, Self, Prevention, Yoga) but some subscriptions I just need the real paper copy (Good Housekeeping, Chatelaine, Family Circle, Canadian Living, Taste of Home).  I guess it's a tie between the two formats at this point! Unless Zinio is offering my printed copies for free in digital format! 

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lost: 2.5 Pounds.

It worked!  

Finally I think I found the key to success!  For me anyway...

Lost: 2.5 pounds of fat.  If found please dispose of immediately and do not attempt to return to owner. 

Remember I've been on the plateau of all plateaus these last few weeks, months perhaps even... I'd been reading personal weight loss blogs on Blogger and the like to get the feel of where others are in their journey, how the progressed, and how they over came the dreaded plateau.  I'd also read other blogs on eating habits, sleeping habits and diet.  I didn't get much help form those blogs though, personally.  Then there's the Shape, Women's Health, Fitness, Self and Runners magazines I've skimmed.  I just go to the articles who's title jumps out at me and I sense I'll get something from it.

Well lo and behold, I weighed in this morning DOWN TWO AND A HALF POUNDS!  Most likely water retention but I'll take it thank you very much.

What did I do different this week?  

Exercise:  Well first of all, after getting back to jogging I read somewhere that I should spend a minimum of 40 minutes jogging to actually burn any calories.  The 20 minutes I had been doing wasn't really enough.  So I jogged 40 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I allowed the in between days to rest my injured left hip so running daily is a no go.  On these days though, the Tuesday & Thursday, I allow myself to either rest it out or do some stretches, push ups, sit ups, or the 30 minute HasFit beginner low impact workout video on YouTube.  I've got the video saved to my laptop so I'll have to search for the link and post it later.

Eating: I made the lentil soup but seriously, I can only eat so much of that before I get seriously turned off.  It's great with fibre so my inner pipes like it and I don't get backed up and louchy, so fibre is my friend!  I drank at least 8 glasses of water a day.  Kept a glass on the kitchen counter beside my water bottle so each time I went in I'd have a glass of water.  I replaced one meal a day with a food replacement shake lower in calories but only did that twice in the week (Tuesday and Thursday). I had read a blog post about fasting but this wasn't actually fasting, but more like at least one or two days a week to replace one or two food meals with a meal replacement shake (ensure, boost, slim fast, shakeology thing, etc.) this will allow my body a break from working so hard to break down food and is supposed to boost metabolism.  I'll try to find the links to that for anyone interested in reading it.  The days I didn't replace solid foods, I made sure to eat breakfast (boiled eggs or eggo waffles) and I use sugar replacements instead of sugar so no extra calories in my decaf coffee!  And I make sure to take a daily vitamin (One A Day for women or One A Day Weight Smart with green tea extract) those are the two brands I usually buy, which ever one is on sale!   And yes, I finally broke up with Crispy Crunch chocolate bars.  Actually Crispy Crunch chocolate bars broke up with me.  One day I went into the store and there were none left.  He just left without saying good bye.  I was almost heart broken but then I noticed Sunmaid Raisins and it was love at first sight.  We've been an item ever since. 

 Sleep:  I try to get at least 8 hours a day but its impossible with my schedule.  I work 10 hours a night then jog in the morning when I get home.  By the time I get to bed and hopefully fall asleep with all the "daytime noise" I'm lucky to clock 6 hours!  But I do try to get more whenever I can.  

It's worked this week, lost 2.5 pounds.  Hope to see the same next week!  

I'm happy!  

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Chance Of Flurries?

Weatherman says Montreal will see some snow flurries on Saturday.  I'm not sure I'm quite ready for snow.  The first snow fall makes me teary.  Every time the first snow starts, I call up my Mom and we snot and cry on the phone talking about when we were all kids and she'd take us to the park to play in the snow or sledding at Mount Royal. 

See that picture over there?  That's Montreal in 2012.  I don't know what happened over the Christmas holiday but it snowed, and snowed and snowed some more and the clean up crew was no where to be seen.  I really hope that won't be the case this year.  But a small touch of snow would be nice, but not yet, according to my husband, I'm still hormonal!

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Forty Minutes

I jogged for 40 minutes on Monday!  I know, I can't believe it either!!  Seriously.  Not that I thought I would collapse in the street or cough up a lung.  I just thought I was too lazy to do something so remarkable.  Anyway, I hadn't actually prepared well for the run.  I forgot to put my ipod in a warm pouch (mitten) before leaving so it got too cold in my pocket and shut itself off.  I was using the IntervalRun app and was following the couch to 8k program which called for a 42 minute workout but I only got 4 seconds into it before the pod shut off so I had to set an alarm on my mobile to notify me of the 40 minute time out.  I also had my trusty step counter clipped to my sock.  I clocked 4.555KM in 40 minutes.  If I had checked the distance counter before heading home I may have gone a bit longer to reach that 5KM mark because I really felt good after that run though my legs felt like two lead bars.

It was cold ... -4*C (25*F) when I went for my run on Monday morning but I was dressed appropriately for it.  I felt good.  I walked slowly to warm up at first then quicker and then progressed to a light jog then up to my usual pace.  When my chest was a bit constricted from the cold, I slowed down to a brisk walk to catch my breath then sped up again.  I really need to invest in a burglar mask ski mask to keep my whole face warm and keep the cold from my nose.  I'll probably snot it all up anyway but hey, what can you do.  This will be my first autumn-into-winter season of jogging so I have to prepare myself, mainly my lungs, to accommodate the cold rush of air.  If I catch myself pneumonia (as Mom loves to say), I'll have a difficult time hiding it from her because I speak with her daily so I better not get sick!

Today was my second run.  Again on a cold day but I still enjoyed it.  Didn't bother with the ipod today just plugged into the mobile to listen to the radio while I ran and also had an alarm set to notify me of the cut off time.  Feels good.  Soon enough I won't bother with the ipod because I purchased a clip on mp3 player from ebay, one with no internal memory but uses a micro SD card instead.  Hey, it was only $2, and it's only for my jogging playlist so what's the big deal right.

Next run...Friday!  Three days a week, 40 minutes (minimum).  


Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nostalgic November

It used to be that this time of year I'd be starting to blog all about christmas past.  I'd blog about traditions and the like that our family enjoyed so I figure what would make this year any different than the past.

I've been on the "blogscene" since the creation of Yahoo's Y360*, and even went down with the ship when Yahoo ended its Y360* blogs in exchange for their gawd awful profile business.  Jumping over to Multiply and Christmas blogging over there for one whole year until they got greedy and inserted advertising everywhere hoping that folks would pay for ad-free blogging.  Then here on Blogspot... by far the best in the blogosphere (in my opinion.)  And each year that I've blogged, every November marks the beginning of the family holiday season.... for me anyway!  This year I find myself feeling quite nostalgic.  I've been constantly thinking back to when we were kids and all the things Mom did to make the holidays memorable and fun.  The things we did in school, playing in the yard with the neighbors, shopping, decorating, watching tv, reading....


maybe I'm just hormonal.