Monday, November 18, 2013

Jog, Fast, Lose

Saturday's weigh in yielded another loss of over two pounds.  I stepped on the scale and was down by 2.2 pounds which I was extremely happy to discover.  It appears I've found something that seems to be working even if it may just be water weight at this stage but at least I don't feel bloated or totally drained out either. 

I've been jogging 40 minutes every Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I confess, I haven't done any exercises on the other days like I probably should at some point.  I am eating less on those days.  I have increased my calorie intake to 1200 for Monday, Wednesday and Friday but on Tuesday & Thursday I've been doing "interim fasting" and only eating within a small window of hours or limiting my eating to one meal and replacing one or two meals with the ever so delicious meal replacement chocolate shake.  Yum, I do actually like it when it's very cold, but once it starts to warm up a bit to room temperature... not so much.

Apples and oranges are my best friends right now.  I always loved apples and oranges and even more during the Christmas holidays.  Mom used to put out a bowl of each so the fruity scent was always in the air.  I find myself sitting in the kitchen next to the bowl of fruit often these days.   I've been slicing the apples into wedges and placing them in a sandwich bag with some cinnamon (cinnamon is good  to control blood sugar, reduce inflammation and you can read the rest of that mumbo jumbo by clicking this link.)

The only problem I had last week - health wise- was I didn't drink enough water.

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