Saturday, November 9, 2013

Lost: 2.5 Pounds.

It worked!  

Finally I think I found the key to success!  For me anyway...

Lost: 2.5 pounds of fat.  If found please dispose of immediately and do not attempt to return to owner. 

Remember I've been on the plateau of all plateaus these last few weeks, months perhaps even... I'd been reading personal weight loss blogs on Blogger and the like to get the feel of where others are in their journey, how the progressed, and how they over came the dreaded plateau.  I'd also read other blogs on eating habits, sleeping habits and diet.  I didn't get much help form those blogs though, personally.  Then there's the Shape, Women's Health, Fitness, Self and Runners magazines I've skimmed.  I just go to the articles who's title jumps out at me and I sense I'll get something from it.

Well lo and behold, I weighed in this morning DOWN TWO AND A HALF POUNDS!  Most likely water retention but I'll take it thank you very much.

What did I do different this week?  

Exercise:  Well first of all, after getting back to jogging I read somewhere that I should spend a minimum of 40 minutes jogging to actually burn any calories.  The 20 minutes I had been doing wasn't really enough.  So I jogged 40 minutes on Monday, Wednesday and Friday.  I allowed the in between days to rest my injured left hip so running daily is a no go.  On these days though, the Tuesday & Thursday, I allow myself to either rest it out or do some stretches, push ups, sit ups, or the 30 minute HasFit beginner low impact workout video on YouTube.  I've got the video saved to my laptop so I'll have to search for the link and post it later.

Eating: I made the lentil soup but seriously, I can only eat so much of that before I get seriously turned off.  It's great with fibre so my inner pipes like it and I don't get backed up and louchy, so fibre is my friend!  I drank at least 8 glasses of water a day.  Kept a glass on the kitchen counter beside my water bottle so each time I went in I'd have a glass of water.  I replaced one meal a day with a food replacement shake lower in calories but only did that twice in the week (Tuesday and Thursday). I had read a blog post about fasting but this wasn't actually fasting, but more like at least one or two days a week to replace one or two food meals with a meal replacement shake (ensure, boost, slim fast, shakeology thing, etc.) this will allow my body a break from working so hard to break down food and is supposed to boost metabolism.  I'll try to find the links to that for anyone interested in reading it.  The days I didn't replace solid foods, I made sure to eat breakfast (boiled eggs or eggo waffles) and I use sugar replacements instead of sugar so no extra calories in my decaf coffee!  And I make sure to take a daily vitamin (One A Day for women or One A Day Weight Smart with green tea extract) those are the two brands I usually buy, which ever one is on sale!   And yes, I finally broke up with Crispy Crunch chocolate bars.  Actually Crispy Crunch chocolate bars broke up with me.  One day I went into the store and there were none left.  He just left without saying good bye.  I was almost heart broken but then I noticed Sunmaid Raisins and it was love at first sight.  We've been an item ever since. 

 Sleep:  I try to get at least 8 hours a day but its impossible with my schedule.  I work 10 hours a night then jog in the morning when I get home.  By the time I get to bed and hopefully fall asleep with all the "daytime noise" I'm lucky to clock 6 hours!  But I do try to get more whenever I can.  

It's worked this week, lost 2.5 pounds.  Hope to see the same next week!  

I'm happy!  

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