Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Nostalgic November

It used to be that this time of year I'd be starting to blog all about christmas past.  I'd blog about traditions and the like that our family enjoyed so I figure what would make this year any different than the past.

I've been on the "blogscene" since the creation of Yahoo's Y360*, and even went down with the ship when Yahoo ended its Y360* blogs in exchange for their gawd awful profile business.  Jumping over to Multiply and Christmas blogging over there for one whole year until they got greedy and inserted advertising everywhere hoping that folks would pay for ad-free blogging.  Then here on Blogspot... by far the best in the blogosphere (in my opinion.)  And each year that I've blogged, every November marks the beginning of the family holiday season.... for me anyway!  This year I find myself feeling quite nostalgic.  I've been constantly thinking back to when we were kids and all the things Mom did to make the holidays memorable and fun.  The things we did in school, playing in the yard with the neighbors, shopping, decorating, watching tv, reading....


maybe I'm just hormonal. 

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