Sunday, November 10, 2013

Paper Subscriptions

I'm a real big fan of magazines, obviously, I've subscribed to a couple of health and fitness magazines to help me along with my weight loss journey.  I can honestly say that there have been a handful of articles in the magazines that I found helpful, mainly the testimonial type of stories from real people... similar to reading ordinary weight loss blogs by ordinary people I guess. 
Currently I get most of my magazines delivered to me via Zinio.  I still think Zinio is the greatest thing since sliced bread ... however... I don't think I will ever lose the love of a paper magazine.  Funny, I've actually heard people say this when comparing books to ebooks.  Personally, there is no comparison.  I hopped on the epub bandwagon and haven't looked back!  But magazines... no, they're not the same and here's why:  I ordered a digital issue of a crafting magazine.  Basically, I used a coupon I'd received from Zinio to make the purchase so it was a freebie actually.  I love the magazine but it contains patterns that I need to print.  For the love of all creation, I can't get that stupid minipad to print the pattern even though my printer is "airprint compatible".  I'm wearing my angry eyes now!

I have a free subscription to Star magazine from Zinio.  I love that they keep giving me free stuff, they're awesome like that!  Sure the Star magazine is annoying by way of always talking about the Kardashians or BeyoncĂ©, but I like the crossword puzzle in the back that I CAN'T DO BECAUSE ITS A DIGITAL COPY!  Sure I can screen capture then print it but, oh yes, that airprint thing isn't functioning!!  User problems most likely

I get a free subscription to Chatelaine magazine with my airmiles points, too bad they don't offer Canadian Living, I have to pay for that!  Sure it's cheaper to purchase the digital copy but that's what this blog is about.... some magazines just have to be the paper copy!  Canadian Living has tons of recipes and I don't want my digital device anywhere near where I'm cooking!  Also, I share the magazine with a friend when I'm done reading it.  I also like Good Housekeeping and also need the paper copy.  I did come close to purchasing the digital version of GH but noticed how the itunes store and Zinio have different prices!!  If I order the magazine subscription directly through the Zinio app, I'll pay via itunes store (because it's purchased through the app) so to get the lower price I've got to make the purchase through the Zinio store that isn't in the app.  Ya I'm confused.  User problems again most likely.  

Don't get me wrong, for magazines, I read the digital versions on both Zinio & Adobe readers especiall when it comes to my fitness magazines (Women's Health, Fitness, Shape, Self, Prevention, Yoga) but some subscriptions I just need the real paper copy (Good Housekeeping, Chatelaine, Family Circle, Canadian Living, Taste of Home).  I guess it's a tie between the two formats at this point! Unless Zinio is offering my printed copies for free in digital format! 

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