Thursday, November 28, 2013

Susan's Favorite Things 2013

OK, so I'm sure pretty much everyone is familiar with Oprah's Favorite Things.  I used to love watching that episode of her daytime show but now I just have to settle for buying the O Magazine to read all about it.  Hmm, Zinio should give me that copy for free .... as a Christmas gift!  Ha! 

I've got a list of my own favorite things from 2013.  Not anything like what Oprah may have listed in her mag, but then again I'm ordinary joe so let's get this show on the road shall we.

Since Christmas is about the twelve days of..., I figure I'll just list my 12 favorite things in no particular order. 

Cadbury Crispy Crunch chocolate bars.  Oh how I love these tasty little rascals!  They are the solution to every problem I ever had this year, all except one.  Weight loss.  They did nothing to help me lose any weight. 

Smuckers Real Raspberry Jam.  Have you ever had this jam before?  If not, I highly recommend it.  A few years back my friend's mother made me a jar of home made raspberry jam and it was Divine.  This Smuckers jam tastes like they made just that one jar only for you and that's it!  It has such a fresh taste.  I'm not too fond of the price, but it's well worth it in taste.

Come Around Sundown by Kings of Leon.  I love this album!  I'm a big fan of Kings of Leon and find their music has a great pace for me to jog with.

Organics Olive Oil Foam Wrap Lotion.  I use this on my hair now that I'm trying to look like Halle Berry keeping it short.  I'm trying not to blow dry my hair so often and not because I'm too lazy... ok it is because I'm too lazy, but wrapping up my hair with this foam is way easier and less time consuming and apparently it's also supposed to keep my hair healthy!  Wow, who would have thought that being lazy would yield positive results!!  Woo hoo!!!

Candy Crush Saga.  I know, I can't believe this is listed as one of my favorite things.  I really have a love-hate relationship with this annoying piss me off game but it's really fun!  Sure, I've spent the better half of the year stuck on level 266 but that's behind me now, I've moved on... .to level 267!  Ha!

Yarn!  I learned how to knit this year and now I have another reason to buy more yarn!  I've always had an obsession with yarn and it will always be one of my favorite things. Oh I'm excited just writing about it!  I've got goose bumps!!   I still have a long way to go at this craft but eventually I will knit some slippers and mittens and because I want to do that, I'll get to buy even more yarn!!!  (photo courtesy of

Torn tee shirts.  Ok first of all, please PLEASE don't tell my Mom that I wear tee shirts with holes in them.  This photo is NOT mine, it's courtesy of but it does sort of describe how my favorite tee shirts are beginning to look.  I don't know what the appeal of a torn tee shirt is but it appeals to me quite nicely when I'm in the house and not out in public or anywhere in the vacinity of my mother.

Men's pajama pants.  These things are crazy comfortable.  They make an awesome stay-at-home ensemble when paired with the torn tee shirt.  I have plenty of these men's pajama pants thanks to my ever growing nephew!  Yes you may call them hand-me-downs, but comfort knows no I don't know how to end that sentence!  Ha! ha! ha! 

Swiffer Sweepers are the greatest thing since the invention of the vacuum cleaner.  Seriously.  I love my swiffer.  I don't dance with it while swiffering the floor though, that's just stupid.

Scrubbing Bubbles Toilet Cleaning Gel.  These little gel things cling to the inside of the toilet and dissolve with each flush.  They last about a week but that depends on how often you flush I suppose.  We're just two folks at home so it's about a week for us and there's nothing to remove when it's done, unlike those nasty plastic hanging things that hang of the side of the toilet... eeewwww!!!  

Glade Sense & Spray.  I love that these last and you sort of forget about them too come to think of it.  I have three of these at home.  Got them all for free!  Yes, thank you, thank you very much!  I collected coupons from websaver and last winter they had a coupon for a free sense & spray unit that around these parts, retails for $9.   I landed three coupons and the rest is history!  I keep one in the bathroom, one by the front door, and one in the living room.  They run on two AA batteries and require a small scent refill which we usually stock up on while shopping over the border because here in Montreal, those little babies cost a whopping $7 (CDN) compared to $3 (USD) in Plattsburgh.  That's just craziness.

Ebay (and the ebay app).  I purchases so many craft supplies from ebay this year it's really not funny.  I paid next to nothing for ribbon, knitting needles, crochet hooks, buttons, organza bags and the like.  I never ever picked a 'buy now' item, always a 'bid' item and like the cheapskate I am, all of my purchases came from China within a month of making the purchase.  Sure I had to wait a whole month for delivery but 50 meters of ribbon for $2 is well worth the wait.  And to everyone who actually read this whole blog post, you will receive an ebay gift card.  Ok no you won't receive anything actually, I just had an Oprah moment there.  I'm sorry about that, but thank you for reading this entire post, I do appreciate it!  Hope you enjoyed it!   

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