Friday, November 29, 2013

The Christmas Cards

Today's mission, should I choose to complete it, is to address, sign and prepare an endless amount of Christmas cards to family and friends. 

No, this stack in the photo is not MY stack, this photo is courtesy of, but by the look of this stack of envelopes, it seems to have been time consuming.

We've got a Christmas card address book with the list of names and hopefully updated addresses of everyone we mail cards to.  Every now and again someone gets removed from our list, usually because they've moved and we have no forwarding address, or simply because they played the fool all year and aren't deserving of one.  Ya, that sounds real Grinchy of me eh, but it's the truth no matter how it sounds.  We also add people to our list of greetings every couple of years. 

Christmas just wouldn't be Christmas without the trusty tradition of addressing Christmas cards. ....  paper cards, the ones that you take to the post office and buy stamps for then wait patiently for them to travel the world and finally (hopefully) make it to their final destination bringing joy to the recipient who may or may not save the card as a keep-sake.  I just can't bring myself to send email cards.  I prefer the paper ones.  


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