Monday, December 30, 2013

2013 In Review

I noticed that Facebook has this feature that displays the highlights of your year.  In reality all Facebook does is select your most popular posts and displays them as "2013 in review".   I like the concept, just not on Facebook.  

Here is my 2013 year in review:

  • January:  I resolved to be more physically fit, lose some weight and change my eating habits. 
  • February: I became addicted to Tim Hortons Fruit Explosion muffins.  If you've never tasted them, you have no right to judge me!!!  
  • March:  I read more magazines, books and blogs.  Pretty much I became infused in reading articles on the internet about healthy foods, vitamins and exercise too.  
  • April: I fell off my healthy lifestyle but managed to get back to it. 
  • May: I got back to Scrapbooking, placed my first order on Etsy and discovered that "someone" really truly dislikes me in a real big way (ya it made me laugh, HA!).
  • June: I fell back in love with jogging!  I began setting up an Etsy shop and ordered a ton of craft supplies on ebay (all from China because they don't gouge in shipping rates like other countries tend to do).
  • July: I gave up sugar, caffeine and crispy crunch chocolate bars.  It was harder to give up the chocolate bars if I must be honest up in here ok.  I also ran more and started clocking my distance.  Oh and lets not forget the month of exercise challenges I did like the squat challenge and the ab challenge.... I'll never do that stupidness ever again!
  • August: I tried to give up social media for the whole month but cracked about two weeks later.  I was still losing weight even if slowly but I was losing inches for sure!  woot woot!  And my Etsy shop was developing nicely thought still not open for business.
  • September: I vacationed in New York with my husband.  I worked a bit more on my Etsy shop (you know, the policies, photos and whatnot), and I lost more weight!  I gained motivation from other bloggers on line whom I thank very much!  And I also got started on the annual family Christmas ornament.
  • October: I decided to run well into autumn and throughout winter but it was challenging!  I learned how to knit but still suck at it so I need more practice.  I bought a new set of bamboo knitting needles.  I practiced crocheting more and got started on the cross stitch ornaments for the kids but people keep asking me to stitch for their kids so my list is getting longer!
  • November: I got sick with the flu but still jogged more.  Actually I increased my jogging time like a nutball.  I got really annoyed when someone flat out lied about their health just to get attention on social media. That's really twisted if you ask me.  
  • December: I stitched Christmas ornaments til my fingers were numb.  I baked but not enough.... . Rushed to the post office to mail Christmas cards, ornaments and gifts that I recently found out haven't all arrived at their destinations yet... Canada Post, how you gonna do me like that eh?  I thought we were friends!.  Sheesh.  I had a lovely Christmas.  Mom said she really enjoyed Christmas this year. I had time off of work and didn't over eat and gained only half a pound.  I'm cool with that!

And there is my 2013 year in review!  

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