Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Afternoon Tea

10th Annual Family Christmas Ornament
Year 2009: Afternoon Tea 

Sadly enough this was my worst ornament ever.  I can honestly say that I was not completely happy with the way this ornament turned out.  I loved the pattern and the idea I had in my head just didn't seem to  come forth.

I loved the pattern, I loved the concept, I had great plans for this pattern but in each and every one I stitched I made a mistake (and any family members reading this who received one of these is just now finding this out!)

I really was ashamed to send these out but it it was too late to make something new and I really wanted to do a tea set.  Earlier in the year one of my Aunts held an afternoon tea party, hats and all!  It was a very lovely affair.   I used that as my inspiration for this years' ornament and went searching for patterns of tea.  I had initially wanted to do a 3D tea cup but couldn't win the pattern I wanted on ebay!  Bummer!  

I found this pattern on the Kreinik website, the instructions are still there but unfortunately the pattern is not!  Personally, that just doesn't make any sense since you can't stitch the directions without the pattern to follow!

Once again I stitched these in a variety of colours and as I had run out of felt, there's no telling what colour I glued to the backside of the tea pots! 

Sad but true. 

Shame on me.

I think my aunts & uncles were too polite to comment negatively on these or afraid they may not get another one the following year, pfft, who knows, that's what I call LOVE! 

Either way,  I loved the way the pot and cup go together, I just wish I had taken my time with them and not rushed along.  

The cup was hot glued to the edge of the pot, and I also used glitter paint on some of the trim.  The ornament was about 4" tall.

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