Sunday, December 8, 2013

Angels In Our Midst

7th Annual Family Christmas Ornament
Year 2006:  Angel

This was a special ornament.  This ornament represented my Aunt "M" whom we lost. 

I knew I wanted this year's ornament to be an angel but I just wasn't sure what pattern to use.  I found this one over at Mary Maxim but I don't think it's there any more but surely you can find it on ebay if interested.  I belived it's called Mary Maxim Christmas Plastic Canvas Kit #7149 Beaded Angels. 

This angel was about 4" tall, and was made with beads adorning the wings, dress and the head was also a larger bead but I didn't make the angel as per the pattern, not quite anyway.  I did stitch a front and back side of the angel but did not stitch any beads into her dress or wings.  I didn't want it to be a flashy angel, just a simple one.   I used a large glitter pom pom as her head instead of the large pearl that comes with the kit.  I used a glitter gold chenille stem as the halo but I managed to make the halo appear to float above her head by using the trusty near invisible fishing line (aka beading cord).  That was pretty much it.  Nothing fancy, just plain and simple all white angel with a white/silver pom pom head and gold chenille halo. 

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