Sunday, December 1, 2013

Annual Family Christmas Ornament

How it all began...

I've been asked time and time again how I began the tradition of the Annual Family Christmas Ornament.  Well, here it is... pretty much what I can remember of it I should say:

If memory serves me correct, it hadn't been intended as an annual thing, just something I wanted to do at the moment since... (insert twilight zone music here)... it was the infamous year 2000... the year all computers were supposed to stop working and planes would fall from the sky if the software wasn't updated... yadda yadda yadda, you know, a virtual end of the world type of thing that had everyone on pins and needles the entire year waiting for something to go wrong though it never basically the year played a role in all of this.  
Quite often leading up to the holidays Mom would tell us how her family spent Christmas back in the "good-old-days" when she was growing up.  She'd tell us how her Mum would sew dresses for her and her sisters, and make dolls.  She told us of the home made Christmas ornaments, and how they were strung on a real tree they cut down themselves.  Nothing big and flashy, just a fresh cut tree with a couple of handmade items strung on it.  She shared memories of all the wonderful baking that went on and the carols that she and her siblings would sing while her Mum baked bread and biscuits.  I guess I just wanted to bring something "home-made" back to Christmas for her in particular and also to her siblings, and the Annual Family Christmas Ornament was born!  

Though, still at this time it wasn't initially intended to be an annual thing, after the first two years went by of sending out the ornament inside the Christmas card, I just kept at it and each year as soon as Christmas is over, I would start making notes of ideas and keeping watch for patterns for next year's ornament.  I wrote them all down so that I'll remember what I made but I'm a little shaky on which year I gave one or two of them out. 

In the following days I'll post the ornaments that were sent and the "story"  behind each one.  They're all made using 7 count plastic canvas and 4ply worsted weight yarn.  I haven't duplicated an ornament yet and by the time this blog post gets published, the Annual Family Christmas Ornament for 2013 will be in the mail on it's way to family members!!  

Some traditions are just to valuable to leave behind, especially the ones our Grandparents either made or kept alive from their parents! 

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