Monday, December 16, 2013

Checking It Twice

This year I added a few more members to the Annual Family Christmas Ornament list.  They are family members... from my Dad's side of the family.  Previously, only my Granny was receiving the ornament, but sadly, she passed away in 2007.  Four members of my paternal family were added to the list.  I hope they do enjoy the ornament as they take plenty of time to stitch and are made with love.... even if I do burn my finger tips with hot glue, or pick my finger with a needle, or dry out my hands from handling acrylic yarn, or get angry for not having the winning bid on ebay for the pattern I want to make, running out of plastic canvas and having to travel all the way to the craft store an hour away via public transit to get more.

Now that's love!! 

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