Saturday, December 7, 2013

Heart and Home

Annual Family Christmas Ornament
Year 2005: Heart and Home

I remember this one very well.  Every time I think about this one I smile to myself.

I wanted to do something extra special for my Mom because she was really feeling extra sentimental.  I found the house pattern with the words "Our Hearts Come Home At Christmas" in the 75 Merry Christmas Projects In Plastic Canvas book and just used my imagination to take it from there!
After I stitched the house exactly as per the pattern, I then took some plastic canvas heart shapes and on one of the hearts I cut out a square to make it into a picture frame then I inserted a black and white photo of my maternal grandparents and stitched another heart over the back to enclose it.  The heart was then joined to the house with floral craft wire.  As was the norm, white felt covered the backside of the house (the heart was two hearts stitched together) and fishing line was the hanger.  I also added a gold heart cabouchon to the top of the house like a small window.  Only my Mom and my maternal aunts & uncles received this ornament because it was made especially for them. 

My Mom really liked this one because of the photo of her parents inside.  The photo attached in this blog is of my finished stitching but I flipped the heart over so as not to display my grandparents' photo here.  I still have a few of the plastic pattern pieces cut out because I always cut extra so eventually I may stitch one containing my Mom's photo in the heart! 

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