Friday, December 13, 2013

Holiday Bird House

12th Annual Family Christmas Ornament
Year 2011: Holiday Bird House

Finally I got the nerve to do a 3D ornament.  I got the pattern from 75 Merry Christmas Ornaments In Plastic Canvas (no, it's not the only book I own but it does have awesome patterns!)  I also got to stitch the houses in multiple colours!  See in my photo below, I took that photo two days before I mailed them!  You can spot thirteen houses in that photo if you count the very tip of the aqua blue one way off to the right.  

The only difference in some of them is the birds.  The pattern doesn't call for a bird to be placed on the ornament, that was totally my idea!  I had intended to use red cardinals (the "Christmas bird") but I accidentally ordered the wrong size.  I ordered 1" birds instead of 2" birds. 

I used the 2" mushroom birds I already had in my craft stash but when I ran out I could only find the hummingbirds, and those I got at the Dollarama.  I had gone to to purchase the red cardinals.  They have a wide variety of craft birds so I highly recommend them for your crafting needs!! 

I also used mini fabric flowers by cutting off most of the stem and hot glue them to the front of the house where a small vine was stitched. The pattern only required the vine, so the floral addition was my idea.  I believe this is one of the very few patterns where I used yarn as the hanger instead of fishing line. 

Mailing these was more expensive because they had to be in a box not an envelope.  I purchased cute re-useable boxes at the Dollarama for a buck each and enclosed the ornament and this was also the year I made a family photo slideshow of my Mom's family so I added the DVD to the box.  Basically, the box was the exact size square as the DVD case!  phew!  And mailed them as "small package" which cost an arm and a leg considering how many I had to post but it was worth every penny.  Though I don't see myself stitching a 3D ornament of this size anytime in the near future with postal prices constantly on the rise.  Obviously, when it comes to distributing the annual ornaments, I only mail the ones that absolutely have to be posted, the rest I can deliver in person.

I've had plenty of requests for this pattern over on flickr.  Apparently it seems to be a craft fair favorite.  One lucky lady got my last two birds, one half stitched bird house with extra yarn to complete it, and the pattern sent to her in the mail!  I made a few more of these and geve them out at church that year as well.

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