Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ice Dancers

11th Annual Family Christmas Ornament
Year 2010: Ice Dancer

The beauty of this ornament hopefully made everyone forget about the previous year's teapot fiasco.

This was one of my favorites.  She was so easy to do.  I actually stumbled on this pattern and thought it was the cutest thing and saved it just in case I decided to use it.  Well I did use it simply because I didn't bother to look for any other pattern, she was just too cute! 

I found the pattern over at freepatterns (link will take you directly to the pattern).  

The only adjustment I made to the pattern was that it required some sort of mesh fabric for the dress and I had no intention of using fabric!  I simply used the daisy loop stitch to create a ruffled skirt.  She's stitched with a front and a back side so on each side I incorporated the daisy stitch so when the two pieces are stitched together, ta-da!  A skirt!  

I made it a point to have her hair ribbon match her dress.  So cute!  Again, I was able to stitch in multiple colours, and if memory serves me correct, I had about a dozen colours made!  Mom got the red one. 
I had difficulty with the neckline of her dress, stitching it was a nightmare in my opinion because the stitches are on a slant so her collar didn't appear to line up so I used co-ordinating glitter fabric paint to go over the neckline and cuffs of her outfit and also dotted some as buttons down the front !  Her skate blade was a broken paper clip!  She was easy to make but I had to use larger padded envelopes for mailing and add extra postage which is no big deal but I didn't want her skate "blades" to poke through the envelopes.

Family loved this one!  By now, I've been giving my mom's sisters & brothers the ornament, also my siblings, my Mother-In-Law, my best friend, and a coworker too.  I alway stitch extra so sometimes I have one or two laying around that I'll give to folks at church, however, the one I have laying around of this is still only half stitched (she was to have a dark yellow dress but I ran out of dark yellow so I still have to go match up the yarn in order to complete her.)

From what I heard, this one was "the best so far!"


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