Thursday, January 2, 2014


Usually I've steered clear of resolutions but in most recent years I've had a few that usually consisted of the same things : lose weight, save, stay drama free....

This year I took a long look within myself and had some quiet time to pray and meditate on what resolutions I will impose on myself for this new year.

Since a new year is a great time for starting "fresh", and I'm not getting any younger, I'm going to make the best of this new year.  

My first resolution is to give God more of my time.   Actually, it isn't even MY time, more like the time He has given me!  I am going to spend more time reading His Word, and praying, giving thanks and in meditation and fellowship.  A person can never have "TOO MUCH GOD". 

My second resolution is to get fit.  To eat healthier, and continue with the jogging to increase my endurance.  I'm not talking about running any marathons, I'm just getting out there to lose weight, breathe better and hopefully extend my years (though that's in God's hands).

My third resolution is to release the negativity from my life.  People who continue to be negative drama queens can all just leave me be.  No longer am I going to TRY and make folks happy or TRY to be encouraging to them when it always just has to be about THEM and nobody else.  I'm tired of dealing with the self centred individuals who always need to be the center of attention or who can't see beyond the tip of their nose.  I'm done trying to be friends with people who only want to be friends when its convenient to them or when there are other people around and its all just for show.  I'm done.  I'll continue to pray for the negative drama queens but that's where my involvement ends.  It's just too draining and there comes a time when you have to shake the dust off your shoes.

My fourth resolution is to save more.  I've decided to jump on the 52 weeks of savings challenge that I've seen circling Facebook.  Wish me luck in sticking to it and not running off to buy yarn.

My fifth and last resolution is to use Facebook LESS.  Funny how I've developed lasting friendships with total strangers over the Internet, most from blogging on Yahoo 360* back when it was all new.  I've also made new friends on Pinterest, tumblr, Flickr and here on Blogger, but I'm tired of Facebook. But then again, I can always tighten up my privacy settings and show some folks the door!  

And there you have it.   

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