Friday, January 3, 2014

Begin Again

I'm still on "Christmas Vacation" for a few more days but that doesn't mean I can't take my physical stats to get started on my continued health kick.   I got up this morning (praise God) and after scooting my husband off to work, measured myself and weighed myself before enjoying a nice big hot cup of coffee.  I did put on a few pounds this holiday season... three pounds to be exact but that's a lot better than usual and also a bit worse than I thought.  I had weighed myself the day after Christmas, and had only put on half a pound so finding an extra two and a half pounds was quite shocking!  

I'm going to give the myfitesspal app a try again.  I didn't like it before but I did like how it takes all your measurements into consideration.  Or maybe I'll search the app store to find an app that can help me... we'll see.  Sometimes I drop inches but not weight and I'm alright with that especially if I'm looking slim and trim.  That just sounded so vain didn't it?  Sorry, didn't mean for it to sound that way but it is a good motivator to see and feel a difference in the fit of my clothes even it the pounds seem to be slow behind but it does get on my nerves sometimes.

I want to drop at least 15 pounds before May.  Why May?  Because that's when husband and I are taking another cruise to the Southern Caribbean.  Sure we went on one in 2012 but this time we're using Royal Caribbean and not Carnival and we're also doing a different itinerary so will see new islands.  I'm looking forward to it.  And in spring of 2015 we're headed to England!  I'm keeping these two travels in my mind as an added motivator!  Hey, if it works it works!!

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