Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Major Discovery!

I should begin by saying as much as I liked the Military Diet, that I never felt hungry and lost a lovey two pounds on it, I really can't stick to it.  That diet is great if I had a shing ding to attend on the weekend and needed to drop some water weight to fit into an over priced outfit, or to kick start weight loss regimen.  I used it to kick start a weight loss regimen but attempting to stick with it for two weeks, let alone a whole month, just isn't happening.  The thought of eating the exact same food over an over just doesn't appeal to me, unless we're talking Kraft macaroni & cheese, spagetti & meat sauce, Quaker oatmeal or gummybears. 

Yes folks, those foods I can seriously say I can eat day in and day out without complaining that I'm tired of eating the same foods.  I'm unique, what can I say! 

The Military Diet only has one menu per week, therefore, only one menu because it's only supposed to be done one week so when I got to week two I was like, oh I have to have a grapefruit for breakfast again? 

You mean I have to eat that nasty cottage cheese clumps again? 

Plain tuna again?!  

I just happen to be reading quite a few fitness magazines and I read this great article...... did you know that fruit is healthy? 



I had a nice not too ripe, not too green banana the other day and wow was it ever sweet.  Yum.  Only 105 calories too!  I think I may be on to something. 

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