Saturday, January 4, 2014

Military Diet Plan

This weekend is the last hours of Christmas vacation and that means cleaning out all the holiday goodies that lurk in those pretty holiday tins and candy dishes.  I'm going to bring all the cookies, candies and cakes to work to fatten up everyone else and I'll be on day one of the Military Diet.

Ok, that diet is one I stumbled on over at Pinterest.  It sounds fairly reasonable and I'm not really looking for a miracle at this point since I know the first five pounds will be water weight anyway.  I've weighed and measured myself and have been getting myself mentally prepared by adjusting my eating habits now while I'm still in holiday mode.  I've been on Christmas vacation since December 19th and I return to work the evening of January 6th.  I've eaten big delicious meals on Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, again on December 27th and then again on January 1st.  I've eaten leftovers pretty much all the days in between.  HA!   

I've gained only three pounds but we know that one pound is really seen as 7 pounds so I've really gained twenty one pounds.  Yes I just applied the dog-year thing to weight gain but seriously, you agree with that theory eh? 

I'm going to photograph myself Monday morning and post it, and I'll complain about how hungry I am on this blog because I know I will complain on day one but doubtfully on day two or three.

Here's the diet info if anyone is interested.  It also makes your shopping list easy.  Diet at your own risk...always consult doctor before dieting.  (

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