Saturday, January 11, 2014

One Week Later...

Alright, so after one week of following the military diet for three days, (actually, i did the first day twice, then followed the next two days so i was at it for 4 days really) the result is a two pound loss.  I did absolutely no exercise and not because I wanted to see if the diet worked.  It was also my first week back to work after christmas vacation so it took some time to adjust after being off for over two weeks.  I was unable to do even the HasFit exercises because of a slight abdominal injury so only the diet with lower calories caused this loss otherwise I may have lost more weight, who knows.  As for people who said they actually lost up to 10 pounds... Well, I can't dispute it without knowing the individuals personally but two pounds not exercising, hmm... i can see five off with exercise but ten?... who knows.  All I know is I didn't feel hungry at all even though the meals are so small.  I did feel well fed, now that's saying a lot ...ha!  I'm going to do it again next week and throught the entire month of January.  I'll remeasure myself at the end of the month to see if there were any significant changes though, without the exercise I pretty much doubt it. I'm encouraged to keep at it for the time being. 

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