Thursday, January 30, 2014

Practical Meal Containers

At this point, I figure the only way to get me to eat properly is to buy some of these lunch containers that make it easy to prepare meals in advance without the hassle of a bazillion of little containers.  I stumbled on this photo over on Pinterest.... I love that place, don't you?! 

These containers (called easy lunchboxes) can be purchased at for about $17CDN for a set of four containers with lids (and for $13USD on for my American friends).  After a bit of searching I also discovered that Ziploc makes a similar container that sells for about $6 for a set of two.  However.... I stumbled on a site that I didn't copy the link to, sorry, that had a comparison of the two products and according to that website they tested the two brands for about a year and the Ziploc ones warped over time because of thinner or cheaper plastic whereas the ones in the photo above remained intact without warping (after dishwasher use obviously).  Personally, I could care less about warpage (warpage? *shrugs shoulders*) I just don't want to pay big bucks.  Yes over time the easy lunchboxes pay for themselves I suppose, but I'm still cheap and I don't see the big picture, basically I can't see beyond the cheap lunchbox price!  If I were able to find them in the dollar store.... well, need I say more? 

Anyway, lately I've been emotional eating.  Crispy crunch chocolate bars haven't returned, no, but I have taken a liking to Reese Peanut butter Cups.  That's wrong, just plain wrong!  I need to stop.  I didn't have any pbcups yesterday though, instead I had a donut from Tim Hortons.  Now, if I has these containers, I'd have had a snack of veggies, fruit, crackers, some cold cuts and cheese or something along those lines.  So, basically, .... uh.... what I'm saying is..... I'm blaming the containers for my emotional eating... ya, that sounds like a pretty good excuse eh?  sigh. 

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