Saturday, January 4, 2014

Read All About It

Last year I read a total of 12 ebooks...more like ten because two I never completed thus they remain on my list for 2014 until they are done and I give them a star rating (that will appear beside them on the list in the sidebar).  I also listened to 7 audiobooks.  Not such a bad set of numbers but could use some improvements.

I once read a blog and joined in on the read books for a year challenge they had.  I think that challenge was to read 50 books in a year and it was lenient so it also included audiobooks and novellas in the count.  If memory serves me correct, I only hit the ten mark and not more.  I guess I can thank that vampire romance series I've been reading for getting me into books more even though that series is in audiobook form. 

I've got a ton of books on my ereader so I'm aiming to beat my last numbers.  I'll even challenge myself to reading outside of my usual genre of romance and throw in another zombie book, a suspense and even more!  Wow... that's really going to be challenging.  Who knows, maybe I'll stumble onto something interesting like I did the last time I read a zombie novel.... actually it was also in audiobook form but wow was it ever fast paced and chilling!!!  

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