Thursday, January 16, 2014

Un Finished Objects Revival

I was going through all my crafting stuff the other day and realized I had a few unfinished objects stashed away.  I should probably declare the 2014 as the year I complete the unfinished items I've got lurking around!  Realistically speaking, I'd need more than one full year to complete them, probably because in order for me to stitch something, I have to REALLY WANT TO.  If I feel like I'm stuck on a pattern I just put it aside and usually forget about it.  It's not that I wasn't excited to get that pattern completed, it's just that I simply lost interest in it, or my attention was swept away by another marvelous pattern. 

I will admit that I only have two unfinished objects:  a precious moments girl that I started back in 1997 and is about 75% complete, along with a precious moments boy & girl that is about 80% complete which I started back in 2002.  Doesn't sound like much but they are both large stitching's.  The boy & girl pattern will eventually be framed in a 10" round flexi hoop while the girl stitching will be in an 8"x10" photo frame when or if I ever get them completed.  

Guess I should pencil in at least two days a month to work only on the UFOs! 

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