Saturday, February 8, 2014

30 Day Shred (Day3)

Today is day THREE of the 30 Day Shred that I chose to do.

Why did I choose to do it?

Because my younger-than-me cake dealing coworker, is on day four or five of the shred.  So having someone to shred with makes it more interesting.  Well, actually, it's just nice to have someone to complain about my aches and pains to and sure, it's motivating as well, as long as we don't start laughing at each other then the belly muscles I didn't know I had start to cry out in pain!!

Ok seriously though, I had set March 1st as the day I get back outside jogging.  I'm hoping by then the polar vortex will have gone further north and that Texas will stop sending snow storms up towards Quebec.  In the meantime, I'll do the 30 day shred, combine it with the new eating habit I magically trained myself to do last week and by the time the thirty days are over, I should be a bit slimmer and in better shape and the weather will be better hopefully, and I can get started out doors jogging!!! 

all three levels are available on youtube!

The first day I did the shred I had to go very slowly and easy on the abdominal workout but as each day progresses I find I'm able to do more and keep up with the video.  The ladies in the video move quickly from a seated position to a standing one, that's just craziness!  I can't move that fast in my old age!  Hey, I'll be 45 this month ... not old, just ... older... and it's my must have excuse because otherwise I have no excuses, so there you have it.

I checked this photograph from the Myfitnesspal forum.  I don't know who this young new mom is but from the neck down we look real similar...on her Day 1 photo!!!  No lie!!  But my belly isn't because of a baby, no, no, no, unlike the lovely mom in this photograph, my belly is just from my love of food and my lack of exercise.  If the 30 day shred can work wonders for a belly that was once home to a baby, then it can do wonders for a belly that was once home to chocolate cake. 

I took a photo of my self front and side, on the day I began the shred and will post it only after the 30 days are over when I take another picture to compare.  I'm using the Bodyshot app to keep track of my measurements along the way.  I'll update the app when I start level 2 of the shred in ten days if I don't collapse from aches and pains beforehand. 

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